Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community

Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community The concepts of meta-leadership and the mega-community will be further explored and synthesized utilizing the Deep Water Horizon response case study.

Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community
Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community

The incident response provides an opportunity to analyze the elements of response which required meta-leadership.

Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community Format

The paper is to be approximately 3-5 pages in length

APA format

Substantiate your analysis with a minimum of 5 credible resources.

Two articles are posted to get you underway with the type of literature you should be looking at. Please use these as part of your analysis. Do not forget to use the meta-leadership concept working paper as well to ground your work.

Find a minimum of 3 additional sources to further enhance your analysis

Organize the paper with headings as follows:

Introduction: of the incident context and meta-leadership concepts

Analysis of the incident case leadership.

Analyze in relationship to the Meta-leadership framework: 1) the person, 2) the situation, and 3) the connectivity.

Behaviorally anchor the points you make in what we have learned thus far about Meta-leadership.

Highlight the number of jurisdictions that were a part of the response.

Which organizational & social sectors participated?

Identify the strengths and weaknesses in the way this response was led.

Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega Community Discussion

How was the response coordinated?

Consider the types of response required in the incident

Describe the diverse operations and expertise involved in this response.

How are new forms of communication affecting leadership?

What characteristics of leadership (that we have studied) are evident in this real-life situation?

Leadership Meta Leadership and Mega CommunityConclusion

Contrast the leadership seen in this crisis response to leadership you see in day to day incidents

Give policy recommendations.

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