Reflection Using Gibbs Model Research Paper

Reflection Using Gibbs Model Research Paper Unit one reflection 3 using Gibbs’ reflective model

Reflection Using Gibbs Model Research Paper
Reflection Using Gibbs Model Research Paper

Description This year I was asked to teach family learning in primary schools. Family learning encourages family members to learn together as and within a family. This was my first session and one of the senior family learning lecturers was supposed to be in the school and assist me on how to set up and start the session. When I went there, she wasn’t there, arrived twenty minutes late and as I was already so nervous that I struggled to speak to the parents I felt myself visibly shaking and I was unable to articulate my first sentence coherently. When she walked in, she said to the receptionist I can’t believe she hasn’t started! Parents were quite understanding but another lecturer was unsympathetic responded by taking over the lesson. I left the session as soon as the class was over and did not speak to anyone.


I felt extremely miserable at the time and even considered leaving my family learning job. I was also embarrassed and upset by my own inability to speak in front of the group, but I was also extremely angry with the other lecturer for her response towards me not starting the session when clearly, she did not fulfil her duty. The situation left me very distressed and I rang in the following session; it was only when I reflected on the experience that I decided I need to speak to my TLM. I also realised later that feeling nervous is a natural reaction when speaking to a group of people which made me feel less embarrassed.


At the time, I did not feel that the situation had been resolved at all. However, after speaking to another tutor about her own experience, I felt much more positive. I realize that everyone feels nervous before their first few classes.


The situation was made worse by both my own actions and those of the other teacher. I feel that I should have stood up to her rather than accusing me not setting up. I should have spoken to her immediately after the lesson about how I was feeling. Dealing with situations like this immediately is preferable, as Cooper (2001) points out. Instead, I spoke to my line manager several days later, which could lead to future problems. The other lecturer’s action also made the situation worse, by not turning up on time and supporting me. However, as we only spoke about the incident over a week later in the meeting with the TLM, she rightly argued that I should have said something to her at the time.

Reflection Using Gibbs Model Research Paper Conclusion

In retrospect, I would do several things differently. I should have spoken to her immediately after the session and voiced my session.

When she did not turn up I should have enquired straight away.however, the incident made me realise the importance of building up a relationship with other colleagues, a skill that Jackson (1999) stresses as fundamental to a successful placement. I feel that, had I developed a professional relationship with the teacher in the preceding weeks, I would have been able to explain how nervous I was beforehand. This would have provided the opportunity to discuss strategies for dealing with nerves and perhaps the incident could have been avoided entirely.

Action plan

In future, I will ensure that I build up a relationship with colleagues. I am working alongside different family learning teachers, and I intend to speak to each of them about my nerves. I have already had a beneficial conversation with one teacher and together we have developed a programme of team-teaching for the next few weeks so that I do not feel so pressurized.

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