Nursing Experience and Application to Practice

Nursing Experience and Application to Practice Order Instructions: Topic 1 Identify an experience where you had to assess the needs, interests, and goals of a patient with an ethical background, different from yours, that resulted in a positive learning experience.

Nursing Experience and Application to Practice
Nursing Experience and Application to Practice

Topic 2

Discuss a clinical experience in which you had to incorporate one or more learning styles such as visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Explain the outcomes and how you created an effective learning experience.

Nursing Experience and Application to Practice Sample Answer

It is common knowledge in health care that not all patients from specific cultural populations conform to the popularly known behaviors, actions, and beliefs that are culture-specific(Galanti, 2008). For this reason, it is vital for a nurse attending to a patient to know the patient and his or her family on an individual level. Recently, I was part of a team that was assigned to follow up on a few diabetic patients registered in our unit. The patient was a 62-year-old male African-American. As a sign of respect, while gathering his personal and medical details, I used “Mr.” as his salutation in the first instances. Later, I noticed that he had a respectable position in one of the humanitarian organizations, the United Nations (UN), and I changed the salutation to “Sir.” He noticed that, and he appreciated it by giving more vivid explanations than before. He even put a smile on his face and made the sessions more interactive. He agreed to quit alcohol consumption and concentrate on eating lean meat and vegetables. He had registered for physical exercise classes already, and he was never a fun of fast foods.

Various styles of learning can be used to learn and practice better in medical practice (Utley, 2011). During my practicum sessions, I had the best learning experience in using visual and kinesthetic learning. While visiting the pediatrics unit, I was required to draw blood from some of the toddlers who visited the unit. I was not experienced in drawing blood from toddlers, and somehow it was challenging for me at first. I watched some of my peers do closely and notice the way and where the child was held. At first, I could help the phlebotomist in holding the child, and watched how the vein was located, and finally, how blood was withdrawn. After four days, I could do draw blood from a toddler via a heel prick.

Nursing Experience and Application to Practice Reference

Galanti, G. A. (2008). Caring for patients from different cultures. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Utley, R. A. (2011). Theory and research for academic nurse educators: Application to practice. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.


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