Poverty and Education in Ethiopia Current Event Essay

Poverty and Education in Ethiopia Current Event Essay As part of the requirements for this course you will be writing a brief (3-5 page) current event essay.

Poverty and Education in Ethiopia Current Event Essay
Poverty and Education in Ethiopia Current Event Essay

The purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect upon and write from a geographic perspective on contemporary issues and events in Africa. Any contemporary issue or event is acceptable, as long as you engage with the issue from a geographical perspective. Essays should reflect a thoughtful and sincere engagement with the contemporary issue, reflecting an in-depth understanding of the issue.

Ï Include a title that appropriately reflects the content of your essay.

Ï Describe clearly the issue that you have chosen to explore.

Ï Discuss the issue, show the multiple angles or viewpoints that may exist relating to the issue, and demonstrate a geographical understanding of the issue/event you have chosen to write about.

Ï Be logically organized and maintain a consistent, clear focus on the topic of your essay.

Ï Be clearly written and carefully proofread for spelling, typos, grammatical errors, etc.

Ï Include any outside sources you refer to or rely upon as bibliographic citations at the end of your paper.

Ï No binders or covers, and no title pages. Save paper by putting your title and name at the top of your first page.

Ï Minimum of three and maximum five, full double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman Font.

Ï Refer to the citation style guide available on TSUís OWL website for proper citation of sources. Use APA style formatting.


Education System in Ethiopia






Thesis Statement: The Impacts That Education And Poverty Have In Ethiopia And How To Ensure Better Education For Children In Poverty, They Will Need Better Technology, Knowledgeable Educators And Better Resources.

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