Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper

Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper APA Australian MLA Chicago
Assessment Task One: Discussion Paper
Due Date: Week following the lecture on the topic
Weighting: 25%
Format: Report
Length: 2,000 words (approximately)

Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper
Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper

Description: Select a destination or tourism business within a destination and drawing from the readings and lectures provided, gather relevant trend statistics such as attraction mix, length of stay, expenditure and market segments concerning the destination/tourism business. Your task is to examine one of the following aspects in relation to the destination or tourism business, utilizing the statistics.
1. In a future world of collaborative travel, providers will need to think more about the value of their lifetime relationship with a traveler rather than the next
transaction. This will mean taking a more participatory approach to working with other businesses, including those with which they are in indirect competition, for the sake of giving the traveler a better experience. How can technological innovation facilitate collaboration to ensure the traveler is happier, less stressed and has a better experience?
2. Analyse how visitors are accessing information about your destination/
organisation currently. What strategies to you need to put in place to widen your
reach and anticipate the planning behaviors of future visitors?

Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper Detailed Instructions and Reference Sources

3. Volunteers make valuable contributions across society but volunteering is changing. Volunteers want more flexibility in when and where they volunteer and
what they do. They are interested in volunteering collectively with their friends, family, and work colleagues. Businesses are increasingly looking to support and promote employee-volunteering as part their corporate social responsibilities strategy. Some want to combine volunteering with travel,  internationally and domestically. Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper So given these trends, how can tourism businesses and organisations best harness the enthusiasm and efforts of volunteers?
4. Consider the literature in relation to the future of Visitor Information Centre’s and their questionable role in destination marketing. Assess the current role of your local VIC in relation to its contribution to the destination’s marketing and needs of visitors and the degree to which going to retain its role and relevance. Should it continue to operate in its current form? If so, what adaptions does it need to make.
5. Assess the current mix of events in your destination region/business in relation to the expectations of future visitors. Todays and Tomorrows Travel Discussion Paper How will social media and technology shape the consumption of these events in the future? What changes would you recommend to your event mix as a result?
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