Common Case Analysis on Environmental Factors Affecting Industry

Common Case Analysis on Environmental Factors Affecting Industry Using the rubric below, create your written analysis paper in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx file type).

Common Case Analysis on Environmental Factors Affecting Industry
Common Case Analysis on Environmental Factors Affecting Industry

The format is a maximum of three pages long, single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and appropriately titled headings for paragraphs. The inclusion of an Appendix (maximum of additional two pages) is optional. Points will be deducted for failing to adhere to any of these formatting requirements.

Common Case Rubric (1) (1)

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome What problem or issue is the central focus of this case?

How do the five forces apply to this case?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome What are the broader environmental factors affecting the industry?

What is the focal company’s current strategy?

What are the focal company’s strengths and weaknesses?

What is the focal company’s competitive advantage?

What should the focal company do and what are the main reasons for your recommendations?

What are the financial performance implications for your recommendations?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Organization, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Adhered to instructions/guidelines

Must answer the above question in this case

Environmental Racism and Damages Research Paper

Environmental Racism and Damages Research Paper Minimum citation of five scholarly sources.

Environmental Racism and Damages Research Paper
Environmental Racism and Damages Research Paper

At least three sources of material from the course (readings, discussions, or videos). See the articles used in class below:

Environmental Racism Is Consistent Across Economic Classes

How Eating Meat Is Like Sexism and Racism


I will accept APA (preferred), Chicago, or MLA.

? Thesis Statement for the paper: Usually the common form of racism is seen as prejudice, discrimination, hatred, violence or superiority of one race over another. However, there is one form of racism that has been overlooked and it takes place without people even being aware of it. I am talking about environmental racism. This form of racism occurs in marginalized, poor, immigrant, or communities of color. The living environment of these low- income communities isn’t safe because they are surrounded by toxic wastes, factories, and fracking plants. These communities often don’t have clean drinkable or usable water for the household, the air is polluted, and the children don’t have safe playgrounds. Why the environmental racism is being left unnoticed and why there are hardly any resources to point out to these environmental damages and disproportionate split of the environmental cost? The reason I want to write and research about the environmental racism is the fact that there are so many environmental lobbyist and people concern about the future of our planet, but nobody really sees that the highest level of environmental pollution and degradation happens around people that have been overlooked and underestimated from the other social ranks of the society, just around those people that do not have power and resources to make a change.

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion Environmental Factors and Health Promotion:

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion
Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

The growth, development, and learned behaviors that occur during the first year of infancy have a direct effect on the individual throughout a lifetime. For this assignment, research an environmental factor that poses a threat to the health or safety of infants and develops a health promotion that can be presented to caregivers.

Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint health promotion, with speaker notes, that outlines a teaching plan. For the presentation of your PowerPoint, use Loom to create a voice over or a video. Include an additional slide for the Loom link at the beginning, and an additional slide for references at the end.

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

Include the following in your presentation:

Describe the selected environmental factor. Explain how the environmental factor you selected can potentially affect the health or safety of infants.

Create a health promotion plan that can be presented to caregivers to address the environmental factor and improve the overall health and well-being of infants.

Offer recommendations on accident prevention and safety promotion as they relate to the selected environmental factor and the health or safety of infants.

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

Offer examples, interventions, and suggestions from evidence-based research. At least three scholarly resources are required. Two of the three resources must be peer-reviewed and no more than 6 years old.

Provide readers with two community resources, a national resource, and a Web-based resource. Include a brief description and contact information for each resource.

In developing your PowerPoint, take into consideration the health care literacy level of your target audience, as well as the demographics of the caregiver/patient (socioeconomic level, language, culture, and any other relevant characteristic of the caregiver) for which the presentation is tailored

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.

Refer to the resource, “Loom,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on recording your presentation.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Lopes Write. Refer to the Lopes Write Technical Support articles for assistance.

Plastic Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea

Plastic Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea measures at European level could most effectively limit further increase in plastic pollution of Mediterranean Sea

Plastic Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea
Plastic Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea

Plastic remains in the oceans have recently attracted attention and are perceived as a serious problem. You are asked to write a brief scientific assessment for the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Rational Environmental Policy on what measures at European level could most effectively limit further increase in pollution of the Mediterranean Sea. Concentrations of floating plastic were measured throughout the Mediterranean Sea to assess whether this basin can be regarded as a great accumulation region of plastic debris.

Clinical Environment and the Problem Statement

Clinical Environment and the Problem Statement In collaboration with your approved course mentor; you will identify a specific evidence-based practice proposal topic for the capstone project.

Clinical Environment and the Problem Statement
Clinical Environment and the Problem Statement

Consider the clinical environment in which you are currently working or have recently worked. The capstone project topic can be a clinical practice problem, an organizational issue, a quality improvement suggestion, a leadership initiative, or an educational need appropriate to your area of interest as well as your practice immersion

(Practicum) setting. Examples of the integration of community health, leadership, and an EBP can be found on the “Educational and Community-Based Programs” page of the Healthy People 2020 website.

Clinical Environment and the Problem Statement

Write a 600-word description of your proposed capstone project topic. Make sure to include the following:

The problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need that will be the focus of the project

The setting or context in which the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need can be observed.

A description providing a high level of detail regarding the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need.

Impact of the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need on the work environment, the quality of care provided by staff, and patient outcomes.

The significance of the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need and its implications to nursing.

A proposed solution to the identified project topic

You are required to retrieve and assess a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed articles. Plan your time accordingly to complete this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

You are required to submit this assignment to Lopes Write. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities

Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities Design environmentally sustainable activities.

Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities
Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities

The candidates will design a Jumpstart kit that includes a set of at least 10 developmentally appropriate children’s books that address local, global, international, and intercultural problems. Students should develop activities or book extensions towards finding solutions to global, international and intercultural problems.

  1. Provide a rationale for the selected topic in connection with current local and/or global issues.
  2. Select 10-15 children’s books around any attractive global learning topic for young children that will allow them to understand the local and/or global problem (pollution, global warming, conflict resolution, poverty, technology and so forth). Bring them for your presentation.

Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities

  1. Include books with different genre and multicultural and international literature
  2. Take a close look at the developmental milestones of children from birth to grade 3 and explain why each of the books that you selected is age appropriate. Justify how your book selection supports children’s language, intellectual, personality, social-moral, aesthetic and creative development. Use course readings to sustain your claim for each book. Some help in judging books can be found in reviews of new books that appear in journals such as The Horn Book, The Journal of Children’s Literature, The Reading Teacher or in any of the websites listed in this document.
  3. Book extensions (from one or different books, NOT from EVERY BOOK)

Jump Start Environmentally Sustainable Activities

Select a book to design an activity that addresses an international, global, or intercultural issue and its solution

Design a felt board story for one of the books in your collection.

Design puppets for a story.

Choose a story and audiotape a story with music and sound effects.

Design a book extension that helps children identify Plot and sequence of events

*This assignment is different from the book file, it requires more connections with course readings regarding children’s development and they should focus on global learning topics.

For the presentation bring all book extensions equipment and have your power point ready.


In one PDF file submit:

Book description for each book describing how it promotes language, cognitive, personality, social-moral, aesthetic and creative development in young children (what applies).

Include a picture of the book cover and book reference.

Goal and description of activities or book extensions towards finding solutions to global, international and intercultural problems

The justification for selecting the books

Why each book is age appropriate (refer to child development characteristics)

Pictures of your felt board story, puppets, and book extensions and a script of the story.

Design an interactive electronic book (using power point, I-Movie or Windows Movie Maker uploaded to YouTube)

Research Seminar in Economics of the Environment

Research Seminar in Economics of the Environment
Research Seminar in Economics of the                                      Environment

Research Seminar in Economics of the Environment Essay

This is 4th-year economics course so please make an offer if you have an economics background. You may need to use economics methods & models in your answers.

– Select two of the three topics below and answer the corresponding questions in a mini-essay format. Relate your answers to the literature you have read on the topic. For each topic write 3-4 pages.


1- Valuation of eco-systems:

The government is concerned about the degradation of ecosystems. You have been commissioned to provide advice to the cabinet on how to proceed. You are to write a briefing note responding to the following questions: What method(s) have economists used to value degradation of ecosystems? Are these methods reliable? How should policy makers proceed in the future?

In responding to these questions, you may take a broad view of ecosystems, including species at risk, unique scenic landscapes, and services provided by natural processes (water purification, climate regulation, etc.), or you may focus on a sub-set of these ecosystem issues.

2- Value of life saving:

The Government of Imbecilia is considering reducing the speed limit on highways and freeways in order to reduce the number of fatal car crashes. Obviously, the main benefit of this policy would be to save lives. The costs would primarily involve longer trip times (There are no doubt other costs and benefits but they need not concern us here). The government will have to conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the policy would lead to a net improvement in social welfare or a loss. In this analysis, how should the government determine the dollar value of lives saved? What are the issues and challenges involved in arriving at such a value? Discuss.

3- Trade Liberalization and the Environment

The Government of Canada has recently signed the USMCA, a renewed trade deal with Mexico and the US, as well as the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) with the European Union, and the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) with 10 Asia-Pacific countries. Should we expect increasing trade through such deals will lead to increased pollution? Discuss what you have learned from the literature.

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Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper Pick an environmental issue that is both interesting to you and you can find information on easily.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper
Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

o Suggested topics: you do NOT have to do one of these you may choose your own, these are only suggestions.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

? Acid rain, nuclear energy, greenhouse effect, air pollution (automobile or industrial), tropical deforestation, hazardous waste disposal, indoor air pollution, water pollution (agriculture, industrial or domestic), alternative energy (wind, hydro or solar),

Nonrenewable energy, sustainable agriculture, insecticide use, lead pollution, surface mining, herbicide use, heavy metal pollution, soil erosion, world hunger

? The paper must be 5-7 typed, double spaced pages using no larger than a 12 point font. The page requirement does not include the literature cited page, cover sheet nor any illustrations you include.

You must use APA format for the entire paper! Do not forget to include page numbers.

o Do not plagiarize any source or any other student’s work! You will not receive ANY credit.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

o Use spell check and proof read your paper

? You have 2 options to turn in your paper

o Use the dropbox inside your eLearning course to submit your paper. You may use the following file formats ONLY: pdf, doc, docx, rtf

o Print it and hand it in on or before the due date in your syllabus. You must print using only the front of your paper (no double sided) and it must be stapled.

? Cover page: your name, class name and section number, name of an environmental issue. The cover page does NOT get a page number even though it counts as page one.

? Literature Cited Page: This gets its own page and should include ALL references used. You must have at least 4 references and 2 of them have to be from a peer reviewed (scientific journals) article written in the last 10 years. References to encyclopedias and Wikipedia will not be accepted. You may use only one website and it has to be cited properly according to APA guidelines. You must cite within your paper as well. You must use APA format!!!!!

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

Your paper should include the following:

? Statement of the issue or problem

o Why is this topic a problem? What aspects of the topic make it an environmental problem?

? Historical basis of the problem

o When did the problem start? Where? What happened to make the topic an environmental problem?

? Correction of the problem

o What is being done? Is it enough? What more needs to be done? What are your solutions to the problem? What is being done by individuals, groups and societies? What more needs to be done by individuals, groups and societies? Compare and contrast idealistic versus realistic solutions to the problem.

? Advantages to correction of the problem

o Why correct the problem? Why do what you say to do in your solutions? What are the immediate consequences and long-term consequences if no correction is made? What are the benefits to the individual and societies if corrected?

? Disadvantages to correction of the problem

o Why not leave the problem a problem? What are the consequences to other parts of the environment if the correction is made? (By correction, are we trading one problem for another?) What possible negative effects does correcting the problem have? (There is no such thing as a free lunch)

Environmental health Essay Assignment

Environmental health
Environmental health

Environmental health

Is cell phone use linked to cancer and other health problems?. information can be found in text book ( environmental health from global to local chapter 22), also search for some new recent evidences (published during 2017-19) and discuss on that. Please explore the Internet, PubMed, and Google Scholar for relevant new information and articles.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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Pollution in Louisiana Research Paper

Pollution in Louisiana
Pollution in Louisiana

Pollution in Louisiana

The environment is a fundamental aspect of human life as it is a source for the various necessary factors that sustain our lives. However, due to the rising development in modernization and industrialization, there have increased cases of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution entails the contamination of nature’s biological and physical systems. These instances of pollution have significantly affected both human plant and animal life. Also, the hazards that arise from pollution include diseases which directly affect living organisms. In this paper, I shall discuss pollution concerning Baton Rouge in Louisiana. An emphasis will be on causal analysis whereby the various causes of pollution in the area will be analyzed.

Environmental pollution has been a great challenge in Louisiana, especially in Baton Rouge. It has been due to industrial and agricultural developments. The causes of pollution in Baton Rouge such as Fertilizers and pesticides, plastics, gaseous emissions, and landfills have been discussed in the paper. Furthermore, the counter argument which includes other causes of emissions such as litter has also been discussed.

The abundant natural resources found in the area have provided numerous economic options for the ranchers, forest managers, and farmers. However, systems of production that are sustainable need extensive and intensive management practices which should incorporate the use of fertilizers to supplement and enhance maximum growth and yield from the various crops. The commercial industries implement these processes in the area which deal with horticultural produce (Judith, 120). As a result, intensive application of fertilizer is made which becomes a significant cause of pollution in Baton Rouge. During rains or processes of irrigation, runoff water from the urban and agricultural landscapes leads to the movement of fertilizers, soil, pesticides among other organic substances to flow into the water bodies. The sources discharge contaminants to the region’s environment and are thus regarded as significant causes of pollution. The transition of nutrients and soil material is a process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Average annual rainfall experienced in Louisiana is over 60 inches while in some areas of the region, this level extends for over 100 days and even more. Also, the prevalence of inland and tropical storms can increase the amount in a matter of days or hours as witnessed in 2016. A majority of residents in Baton Rouge have landscapes and lawns which require care through the application of pesticides and fertilizers (Judith, 124). Also, fields for sports and golf courses in various schools and the community are some other sources which require aesthetic maintenance through processes of plant and soil amendment. Increase in the construction of infrastructure in Baton Rouge has led to the reduction of porous surfaces and growth of hard surfaces which prevents infiltration of water into the earth. Thus, chemicals from farms and landscapes become a significant cause of pollution in Baton Rouge.

Another significant cause of pollution in Baton Rouge is resultant from plastic debris which is a persistent and intricate source of contamination in the area (Han, 117). Understanding the composition, causes, and intensity of micro-plastics in Baton Rouge is a challenge as a result of the sheer amount of plastic materials manufactured for use on an annual basis. Millions of tones of plastic are entered into the oceans yearly. Due to the worldwide production of plastics, a significant degree of the pollutants goes into the oceans (Cockerham, 12). As a result of the increasing research and documentation of these contaminants into the oceans of the world, surveys have been conducted to determine the types and amounts of plastic that are deposited into the Gulf of Mexico. The water from the Northern Gulf of Mexico receives a lot of input from the massive Mississippi River. Immense amounts of plastic often start as trash deposited at the beginning of the River at Minnesota. Later, these pieces are broken down as they travel to the state of Louisiana. Derivation of microplastics can be from various sources which include synthetic fabrics from laundry, rubber tires, and microbeads. The tiny pieces of plastic are carried along the Mississippi River and cause pollution in the Baton Rouge region.

Another major pollutant in the area is from toxic contaminants from the oil refinery accidents that often occur in the area. These occurrences lead to the emission of soot, gases, among other pollutants into the atmosphere. Besides, the burning of flammable gases which are released due to malfunctions of equipment has become a continuing challenge at the region’s refineries. Over 17 refineries located in Louisiana have reported numerous accidents to the state having spilled close to 1,000,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into the environment and an additional 1,300,000 gallons of pollutants into the soil and water body of the land. For example, some of the essential compounds that are often released in vast quantities entail Benzene gas which is known to cause cancerous infections. Besides, the emission of Sulphur dioxide is vast and triggers cases of asthma among members of the region. Among the recent figures which have depicted a significant rise in pollution from refinery accidents, include, a release of 950,750 pounds of toxic pollutants into the air while the water and soil were polluted by about 389,135 gallons of toxic contaminants (Han, 120). Among the refineries which have significantly contributed to this contamination is ExxonMobil according to the vice president of United Steel Workers International, Gary Beevers. The entire state of Louisiana is ranked third in refineries which produce a large portion of gasoline.

Refineries in Baton Rouge have had a bad reputation over the years whereby accidents occur almost daily in the expansive gas and oil industries in Louisiana. For example, ExxonMobil is one of the country’s largest refineries and ranks among the top air polluters in the country. However, the refinery is just among one of the many fossil fuels and petrochemical facilities that pollute both the air and the Mississippi River. Besides causing pollution to the environment, these accidents also affect the lives of people as a large of workers are often injured while some lose their lives.

Another cause of pollution in Baton Rouge is from the amounts of soot and other particle pollutants that deteriorate the air quality across the state. Despite the improvements that have been done, the region has been reporting increasing levels of tiny particles and soot into the air which has made it among the most polluted cities in Louisiana. Particle pollution occurs when small particles or smoke derived from coal-powered plants, wildfires, wood burning, and diesel emissions are released into the atmosphere. These particles are so tiny that they can penetrate and reach the lungs of individuals which results in asthma attacks and even strokes.

Landfills refer to disposal systems whereby waste is either burnt or buried. They are the most common and convenient forms of disposing waste since they are designated to dump garbage and other forms of waste. Baton Rouge has several landfills including Devils Swamp which is a major cause of pollution in the region. Pollution in the landfills of Baton Rouge has been contributed greatly as a result of the increasing growth in population, agricultural waste, industrial/construction waste, urbanization and soil waste. As these factors continue to increase, so does the amount of waste that is dumped in these landfills. Consequently, the landfills cause various types of pollution in the area. Some of the causes of air pollution through the landfills include: emission of toxic gases which are mixed into the atmosphere thus polluting the air in the ozone layer (Han, 120). Concerning water pollution, harmful chemicals from the landfills infiltrate into the ground whereby they mix with water in the underground table and thus the groundwater becomes contaminated due to the process. With respect to land pollutions, landfills contribute significantly due to the materials which are dumped hence producing toxic gases. Similarly, the wastes dumped infiltrate the soil and directly contaminate. As a result, the soil loses its texture which accounts to one of the major problems that face Baton Rouge. Causes of pollution from the landfills also include excessive methane, which is emitted from combustion of gases when the wastes are burnt. Resultantly, this leads to global warming since methane is a greenhouse gas.

There are also some additional causes of pollution in Baton Rouge besides the common ones mentioned above. Litter spread out across the city in the form of beer cans can be spotted protruding from the stretches of overgrown grass. Besides, there are abandoned tires, broken glasses and old mattresses which litter the line roadways. This problem of scattering highlights the carelessness and disregard on the side of the residents. However, Baton Rouge has had some individuals and organizations which have stood in raising solutions to solve the litter problem. Despite the growth of these groups, abatement is still a challenge which as a result has rendered their efforts unfruitful.

Pollution is caused by numerous means in Baton Rouge. However, the most significant producers include factories, refineries, fertilizers, organic chemicals, traffic, plastics, and oil spillage. Factories in the area are notorious for causing pollution by emissions through the exhaust vents from the workplaces into the atmospheres (Xie, 1650). Companies like ExxonMobil have been continuously identified as significant producers of harmful contaminants in the form of waste products. Just like Gary Beever stated, ExxonMobil can do better for the betterment of their surroundings. Environmental pollution is among the most significant challenges that Baton Rouge and the broader state of Louisiana has been facing. It has occurred over the years causing considerable damage to both the people and the environment of the area. However, a series of mitigation measures have been implemented by the relevant authorities to curb this problem, and as a result, there has been an achievement of significant progress. For instance, the levels of air pollution in Baton Rouge have decreased considerably.

Works Cited
Cockerham, Lorris G. Basic environmental toxicology. Routledge, 2018.

Han, Fenglin, et al. “Source apportionment of PM2. 5 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during 2009–2014.” Science of the Total Environment 586 (2017): 115-126.

“Pollution.” Salt Marshes: A Natural and Unnatural History, by Judith S. Weis and Carol A. Butler, Rutgers University Press, 2017, pp. 117–149. JSTOR,

Xie, Zhiqiang, et al. “Recent progress in metal–organic frameworks and their derived nanostructures for energy and environmental applications.” ChemSusChem 10.8 (2017): 1645-1663.

Tentative Title:

Statement of the Problem (1-3 sentences):

Proposal: (for fixing problem 1-3 sentences):

Significance of Proposal (3-5 sentences) Why is it important, and how will it address your chosen issue?

*Some things to remember about this paper:
• Keep it simple: In order to make the paper and topic more manageable, don’t try to fix the big issue, try to approach a cause. For example, it’s impossible to think that we can fix “crime in Baton Rouge”, but if one cause of “crime in BR” in your paper was “high school dropouts, that is a more manageable idea.
• It must start with “you”: This is a personal proposal, in other words, how YOU would fix an issue. Therefore, it needs to be grounded in reality and start with YOU. “We need to build a loop around the city” or “BRCC should…”or “They need to….” do not start with you. This needs to be a small proposal, something you can do, make, start, etc. It of course can balloon into something much bigger, but it begins with YOU.
• Keep it local: This also keeps it simple, we do not want to try to address nationwide issues, policies, or laws.

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