Computer Component Requirements

Computer Component Requirements Select a theme park ride.

Computer Component Requirements
Computer Component Requirements

Then, select three stakeholders.

Now, write no less than 24 requirements (2 for each stakeholder for each requirement category). See the StkhldrsRD to see the format.

Based on these requirements, write the systems requirements (technical translation of the stakeholder’s requirements). Here, you don’t necessarily need to end with a fixed amount of requirements, just make sure all the stakeholder’s requirements are being considered here.

I.E. :

1.0 Computer Component Requirements

1.1 Input/output Requirements for Development

1.1.1 Stakeholder 1 Req 1

1.1.2 Stakeholder 1 Req 2

1.1.3 Stakeholder 2 Req 1

1.1.6 Stakeholder 3 Req 2

1.2 System-Wide Requirements for Development

1.3 Trade-Off Requirements for Development

1.4 Qualification Requirements

2) Translate these stakeholders’ requirements into systems requirements and separate them into the corresponding level: Systems requirements, subsystems requirements & component requirements (Use a bottom-up approach for this decomposition). Decompose only subsystems and components related to your stakeholder’s requirements. Work at least in one subsystem and three components.


1.0 Systems Requirements

1.1 Subsystem 1 Requirements

1.1.1 Component 1 Requirements (Start Here)

Keep your assignment in order. Every single requirement must be listed as an StkhldrRD (With proper numeration and indentation regarding its level). Does this requirement list only for the Development Phase?

This example of what the professor wants:

For those that are still lost and confused with u05a1 Writing Requirements assignment or just want to improve your submissions, here I’m providing a brief example:

1.1 Input/output Stakeholders’ Requirements (Think about the characteristics of inputs, outputs, functions, and relations with other systems):

1.1.1 “The system shall accept riders taller than 4’8.”

1.1.2 “The system shall let riders to pick their favorite song out of 4 categories.”

1.1.3 “The system shall let up to 6 riders per train.”

1.1.4 “The system shall come back to its initial position with all riders safe.”

1.2 System-Wide Requirements (Think about systems characteristics in terms of operability & technology):

1.2.1 The system shall maintain operational of 320 days per year.”

1.2.1 The system shall maintain an operational cost of less than $5000 per day.”

1.3 Trade-Off Requirements (Think about returns of money and time)

1.3.1″The system shall return its investment in less than a year.”

1.4 Qualifications/Testing Requirements (What’s the plan for verification & validation)

1.4.1 “The system shall verify all its components working correctly.”

1.4.2 “The system shall include a verification plan instrument to test all 1.1 & 1.2 requirements.”

There you got some examples. In the stakeholders’ requirement, you don’t need to go that technical for this assignment, but a lot of these requirements shall be translated into technical aspects for the system.

2.0 Computer Component Requirements Systems

“The system shall verify safety conditions are being met before the start.”

“The system shall provide an enjoying ride for all riders.”

2.1 Car subsystem requirements

“The car subsystem shall meet dimensions for 6 riders at a time.”

“The car subsystem shall play music at 80 decibels for all riders.”

2.1.1 Seat Component requirements

“The Seat component shall meet the dimensions for people that are 4’8″ or taller.” (Get actual dimensions if possible, but don’t stress about it)

2.1.2 Computer Component requirements

“The computer component of the trolley shall include a collection of 48 songs that passengers can play meanwhile riding.”

You will see that some of the Stakeholders requirements will be met in only one or two systems requirements. You don’t need to write 24 more requirements in this part. The goal here is that all the components requirements are satisfying the upper levels (Both subsystem and system level).

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