Scrubs Performance Evaluation Concepts

Scrubs Performance Evaluation Concepts The assignments allow for a fun take on the concepts reviewed in this course.

Scrubs Performance Evaluation Concepts
Scrubs Performance Evaluation Concepts

Videos snippets from popular television programs and movies will be viewed and students will post a response to the videos based on the course and their personal experiences.

Video Assignment #3

Scrubs Performance Evaluation Concepts Instructions

Review the video clip from the television show Scrubs. Provide a response to them, and be sure to focus on answering the following questions when typing your response:

Cox does not seem to be a good team player in this scene. If you were the employee, how would you have responded to Dr. Cox request for you to complete your own review? Have you ever been in a situation like that?

If you did move forward with Dr. Cox’s request, would you have rated yourself honestly? Explain why or why not?

How do you think the hospital should discipline Dr. Cox for this type of behavior?

Your response should be at minimum 200 words long (but each submission can be longer). Also, students should feel free to discuss more than simply answering the above questions. Prior to submitting the assignment, students are encouraged to type their submission in MS Word to assure the minimum word count is met, and the entry is free of grammatical errors.

Scrubs –Performance Evaluation

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