Esol Research Assignment Paper




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1. choose an English Language Learner in your school (or an ELL who may have previously attended your school) and collect the English-Learner Profile information from Figure 1.1 on page 6 about that student in a word-processed document..
Look at attachment to fill out figure 1.1.: I filled out some of it. Just finish the rest.
2. Provide specific examples of some of the factors that impact an ELL’s new language acquisition

1. How does the existence of a macroculture and microcultures affect schools in the United States?
2. Describe cultural relativism in your own words.
3. Describe some characteristics of the mainstream culture of the United States.
4. What are the implications of culture on people’ s attitudes toward schooling?
5. Define ethnography and describe two ethnographic techniques.



Part 1

Factors that affect English Language Learners’ (ELLs) second language acquisition include psychological factors, age, background of the learner, and previous L2 experience. Other factors include socio-emotional factors such as level of anxiety, motivation, self-esteem, attitude towards the educator and the class, and attitude toward L2. The learning style or cognitive style and learning strategies are also key factors. Furthermore, sociocultural factors such as family values, family acculturation and usage of L2 and L1, sociocultural support for L1 within the classroom environment, and institutional support for L1 are also important factors that affect ELLs’ second language acquisition.

Part 2

The existence of a macroculture and microcultures affect schools in America in that a multi-cultural curriculum has to be established that would allow students to learn vital concepts while integrating cultural diversity into everyday lessons and the overall curriculum. Moreover, because of the existence of a macroculture and microcultures in the United States, multicultural curriculum has to be organized around themes or concepts that deal with culture, history, contemporary experiences of ethnic minority groups in American life, contributions of ethnic groups to America’s mainstream culture, as well as expressions like discrimination, immigration, cultural assimilation and acculturation, and protest and resistance (Banks & Banks, 2012).

Cultural relativism is essentially the principle concerned with the practices, values and beliefs of a culture from that culture’s perspective. This principle holds that the activities and beliefs of an individual have to be understood by other people in terms of that person’s own culture. In essence, actions should not be measured by other people’s standards, but rather by the standards of a person’s own unique culture (Terry, 2010). In the United States, the mainstream culture is characterized by a collective set of symbols, ideals, and values which comprise the core culture. The mainstream culture is shared in some measure by all the different ethnic and cultural groups in the country. In this culture, individualism is an ideal.

The implication of culture on people’s attitudes towards schooling is that learners would be able to understand and appreciate dissimilarities and similarities amongst different ethnic groups in the school community. Learners should understand and acknowledge human diversity. Understanding and appreciating human diversity is fostered through direct interpersonal contact as well as through awareness of the culture and history of diverse groups, including their art, music, inventions, myths, stories and values. Ethnography essentially refers to a type of qualitative research that studies an entire culture. The aim of an ethnographic approach is cultural interpretation. The ethnographer goes further than just reporting details and events of experience. In particular, the ethnographer tries to explain the way in which these represent the cultural constructions wherein people live. Two ethnographic techniques include (i) participant observation which is carried out as a part of field research – this is typified by a long-lasting engagement, perhaps months or years, in the location in which the ethnography occurs; and (ii) interviews – the ethnographer asks specific but unstructured, open-ended questions.


Banks, J. A., & Banks, C. A. M. (2012). Multicultural Education: Issues and perspectives. Ethnic and racial studies, 17(5): 19-26

Terry, N.P. (2010). Cultural and linguistic diversity: Issues in education. Ethnic and racial studies, 16(2): 80-98

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ABC Costing Assignment Paper Available

ABC Costing
ABC Costing

ABC Costing

ABC Costing

The emphasis in this assignment is on the application of ABC principles to a real-life situation. Provide practical solutions to the partners. -You
don�t have to tell them what to do, but you do need to identify alternative courses of action from which the partners can choose. -Please change
the text highlighted in blue from theory to actual evaluation/ analysis of the scenario. -in thes second document please reword the txt highlighted in red
but in your own words! -no need to do the calculation and introduction as i have done it for you. -reference more journals change the theory to analysis.
relate it to the scenarios.use these points but relate it to scenario its a memo, mention cost per hour -how is the patient related cost for an individual
determined -recommendation- mention recommendation to move from activity based costing to abc. =recommend to change its price to secure good profit margin by
setting the prices in advance with the amount of resources consumed by each patient recommendation 3 will the price rise have an effect on patients using the
services. if it doesnt then could be possible to increase the prices. -also consider resource cost reduction -85% occupancy rate recommendation- Mention the
figures are based on 66% occupancy to get to 85% is quite high.The daily rate would be reduced. The company had used 66% if they increase it to 85% this will
have areal effect on the the activities of the members and clients. Also the absorption costs will end up going up. the proposed increase would be a good
idea however Why?? Increased occupancy has long term benefits and increased periods

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Critique (Critical essay) Assignment Paper


Critique (Critical essay) Assignment
Critique (Critical essay) Assignment
Critique (Critical essay) Assignment

Critique (Critical essay) Assignment

The word critical has positive as well as negative meanings. You can write a critical essay that agrees entirely with the reading. The word ?critical?
describes your attitude when you read the article. This attitude is best described as ?detached evaluation,? meaning that you weight the coherence of the
reading, the completeness of its data, and so on, before you accept or reject it.
A critical response occurs whenever one judges decides, or solves a problem; in general, whenever one must figure out what to believe or what to do, and do
so in a reasonable and reflective way. Reading, writing, speaking and listening can all be done critically or uncritically. Being capable of a critical
response is crucial to becoming a close reader and a substantive writer.
It should include the following:
– Raise vital question and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely;
– Gather and assess relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively
– Come to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards;
– Think open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing, and assessing, as need be assumptions, implications, and practical consequences;
and communicate effectively with other in figuring out solutions to complex problems; without being unduly influenced by others? thinking on the topic
For your essay, you will critique Gore?s argument in ?An Inconvenient Truth?. Outline carefully, deliberate determination of whether one should accept,
reject, or suspend judgment about Gore?s claim, and the degree of confidence with which one should accept or reject it (note: this means not only saying
whether the claims should be accepted or rejected, but to what degree and most importantly, why). Please note that you will need to develop your own unique
thesis based upon your overall conclusions. Your essay will need to involve the careful acquisition and interpretation of information and use of it to reach
a well-justified conclusion.
Remember that a critical response employs not only logic but broad intellectual criteria such as clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth,
breadth, significance and fairness.
The difference between feelings and facts is simple?it does not matter what you believe about this film or book; what matter is what you can prove it.
Drawing upon evidence found in the text itself, in critical discussion of the work, etc.
Criticism does not mean you have to attack the work or the author; it simply means you are thinking critically about it, exploring it and discussing your
The critical response essay usually employs a serious and objective tone. Use a ?claims and evidence? approach. Be specific about the points you are making
and back up those points with evidence that your audience will find credible and appropriate. Using evidence from the text itself is often your best option.

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Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner Model

Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner
Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner
Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner

Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner

Order Instructions:

Its important that the writer use in text citations for this paper to support the comments

The writer will have to read each of this post and react to it by commenting, analyzing and supporting with relevant articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving constructive comments or criticism on the post. The writer should write a one paragraph of at least 150 words. APA and in text citation must be use as each respond to the 4 article must have in text citations. The writer will have to use an article to supports his comments and criticism on each of the article. Address the content of each post below in a one paragraph each, analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of relevant resources. The writer cannot just say “I agree or disagree” the writer must constructively support and use relevant sources to support his point why expanding on the article.

Details for the paper will be send via email title comments 7


Article 1: Doctoral Study and Scholar Practitioner Model

Well established healthy relationship between leaders and their followers is being emphasized in this article. The basis of corporate influence is seen to be closely intertwined with the prowess and the character of its leadership. According to the author the pursuance of professional training for practice rather than for academic purposes will have a significant effort in changing organizational leadership; empowering staff/ employees and improving cooperation between leadership and the ones who are described as their followers. The author’s claims are in line with that of Uhl-Bien, Riggio, Lowe and Carsten in their 2014 study. The author claims that the doctoral study will better how he/ she will associate and relate to followers/ the ones he/she leads. This claim is rational since better academic qualification enables one to understand people more; to learn how to meet their needs and on how to satisfy them. This will have a direct effect on positive outcomes in an organization. With further education, leaders will be in good position to develop better and effective strategies (Price & Vugt, 2014).

Article 2: Doctoral Study Impact on Improvement in Management & Business Practice

The author claims that the kind of leadership an organization keeps will determine environmental climate within the organization and the performance of its employees. The claim that completion of a doctoral study will help the business leaders to lay in better and more effective strategies is supported by Price and Vugt (2014). According to Zhu, Avolio and Walumbwa (2009) transformational leadership will have a positive and critical role in improving relationships among employees. Through transformational leadership the leadership and workforce will work together for the common good of individuals which will enable the organization to attain its goals. Transformational leadership will empower employees, work relationships which will see development of efficient business practices. Cooperation between leadership and employees achieved through transformational leadership will ensure that an organization achieves desired profitability. Transformational leadership is necessary for an organization to achieve global competitiveness, being economically viable and in the achievement of a social change. Yes, transformational leadership will ensure the development of effective and up to date strategies (Northouse, 2013).


Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership Defined. In L. Shaw, P. Quinlin, & M. Stanley (6th Ed), Leadership: Theory and Practice (pp. 185-217). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Price, M. E., & Vugt, M. V. (2014). The evolution of leader – follower reciprocity: the theory of service – for – prestige. Front Hum Neurosci, 8, 363.

Uhl-Bien, M., Riggio, R. E., Lowe, K. B., & Carsten, M. K, (2014).  Followership theory: A review and research agenda.  The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 83-104. http://doi:10.1016/j.leagua.2013.11.007

Zhu, W., Avolio, B.J., & Walumbwa, F.O. (2009). Moderating role of follower characteristics with transformational leadership and follower work engagement. Group Organization Management. 34, 590-619. http://doi:10.1177/1059601108331242

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Forum Post Essay Paper Available Here

Forum Post Essay
Forum Post Essay

Forum Post Essay

Forum Post Essay

1. What is e-waste? What is so dangerous about e-waste? Many well-meaning individuals thought that recycling was the answer to the e-waste problem. But why
hasn’t e-waste recycling yielded the results hoped for?
2. What are network effects? Think about the kinds of technology products that you own, or websites you use, that are subject to network effects. What sorts
of exchange do these products leverage (e.g., information, money, software, or other media)? Give several concrete examples and explain them as clearly as
you can in your own words.
3. Find an article online that discusses the problem of e-waste, preferably one that also proposed a solution. In your own words summarize and critique the
article. Do you think it is a viable solution? Why or why not? Be sure to include the url to your article.
4. Describe the hardware and software requirements of your chosen information system, "SAP", is my chosen Info System. Be sure to consider both the
server-side and client-side hardware and software. If you do not have access to specific details about the server-side hardware and software, make reasonable
assumptions based on the kind of hardware and software that you believe would be necessary to run your system.

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Analytical Paper Assignment Available

Analytical Paper
Analytical Paper

Analytical Paper

Analytical Paper

There are numerous examples of ethically ambiguous activities featured in the film. These activities may involve actions, affirmative statements, omissions
and/or schemes. Identify and explain one such activity. Include a brief description of the parties involved, what happened, and why it was ethically
questionable. Then, answer the following questions utilizing the framework of the moral philosophies discussed in class and Chapter 6 of the textbook:
(1) Identify the moral philosophy upon which the parties seem to have relied to justify their actions. Define that philosophy and explain how it led them to
act as they did.
(2) Select two alternative moral philosophies that might have led the parties to a different result and, for each one, include a definition of that
alternative philosophy and an analysis of how the actors would have acted had they utilized that moral philosophy. Also discuss the likely outcome of acting
in accordance with each such alternative philosophy.
Your answer should be written in essay format; in other words, it should not be divided into individual answers to the above questions. There is no need to
consult sources beyond your textbook, your class notes, and the film itself.

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Reading Journals Assignment Paper Out

Reading Journals
Reading Journals

Reading Journals

Reading Journals

Assessment Criteria
Ability to identify key issues, concepts, arguments that are found in the weekly readings.
Ability to explain major ideas/concepts.
Ability to apply ideas/concepts (eg. to examples from films/by engaging with other writers).
Presentation and bibliographic referencing.
Readings 1:
Reviews of Do The Right Thing?, in Mark Reid (ed.) (1997), Spike Lee?s ?Do the Right Thing?, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 134-152.
These reviews provide you with some contemporary responses to the film you will be watching. What criteria are the critics using in making their judgments of
the film? How do they differ in style and approach from the more academic writing in the second reading?
Marilyn Fabe, ?Political Cinema: Spike Lee?s Do the Right Thing?, in Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique, Berkeley:
University of California Press, 2004: 191-206.
Fabe?s approach is less concerned with judging the film than with trying to explain how it works, and setting it in a broader context of film techniques and
film history. Make notes on the explanation Fabe gives of the film.
Do the Right Thing (US, Spike Lee, 1989, 120 mins)
Reading 2
Timothy Corrigan and Patricia White, ?Exploring a Material World: Mise-en-Sc?ne?, in The Film Experience, Boston: Bedford/St. Martin?s, 2004, 42-74.
Corrigan and White?s book is one of the most recent introductory textbooks, and it offers a checklist of the various components of mise-en sc?ne. Make sure
that you have grasped what they are, and carry out some of the activities they suggest. Note what they have to say about the mise-en sc?ne of Do the Right
Thing, which you watched last week: does their account enrich your understanding and appreciation of the film?
Rebel Without a Cause (US, Nicholas Ray, 1955, 111 mins)
This classic film about teenage angst expertly uses mise en sc?ne to convey complex social meanings and to provide visual clues to develop our understanding
of the characters and their relationships.
reading 3:
?Authorship and Cinema? (extracts) in Pam Cook (ed.), The Cinema Book (3rd edn.), London: British Film Institute, 2007: 387-390; 398-402; 405-407; 410-411;
413; 416-417; 474-483.
These extracts review the ?classic? version of auteur theory?a way of ascribing value to a film by identifying stylistic and thematic features across the
body of films made by a single director?and then examine the critical revival of interest in the approach in recent years.
Robin Wood, ?Vertigo? in Hitchcock?s Films Revisited, New York: Columbia University Press, 1988.
Wood?s chapter on Vertigo is an attempt by an auteurist critic to reassess his original estimation of the film in light of later developments in film
Vertigo (US, Alfred Hitchcock, 1958, 124 mins)
Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most highly regarded cinematic auteurs of all time. The critics of French film magazine Cahiers du cinema recognised him as a
master of both cinematic mise en sc?ne and narrative suspense. As you watch the film, note how Hitchcock emphasises the act of looking and spying and the
extent to which we experience the narrative unfold through the perspective of the central male protagonist Scottie played by James Stewart.

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Reflective essay Research Paper Available

Reflective essay Research
Reflective essay Research

Reflective essay Research

Reflective essay Research

Order Instructions:

this is an end of course reflection to be uploaded as an eportfolio assignment. all directions/guide will be in the file that i will upload


Reflective Essay

The following is a reflective essay on the social initiatives I have taken up personally in response to the things I have been learning in the Masters of Science in Education program. I have gotten to learn alot of things and also affirm beliefs and values that were introduced to me at the undergraduate level of my studies. The bulk of the coursework was academically and theoretically oriented but there was also the issue of contemporary applications of education and how to overcome the challenges facing today’s education sector.

To the end of social change, the learning has prompted me to become an advocate for the widespread dissemination of accurate information both at an academic level and also for the purposes of personal or general knowledge. I have been on using two main platforms for these, the first one is in the face to face interactions I have with people within my sphere of influence. The other approach I have been using is the use of the different social media platforms available to me as a means of further pushing for change inn the way people approach, create and share information (Cochran-Smith and Zeichner).

Within my social sphere of influence on have been regularly encouraging my peers as well as relatives to use resources available to them as a means of bettering their lives and those of others. If someone is for instance a foreign language student, I can urge him to get into situations hw/she will be forced to speak the language or at least hear people speak it. If another friend is a car enthusiast, I would tell him to research about automotive associations or clubs in his vicinity and make an effort of joining. These are not just empty activities but rather social situations that place the individual with others who have a similar interest. The concentration of knowledge within these settings will make a person’s studies or hobby more worthwhile as they will get to learn and also share the knowledge they have.

I have maintained this theme of social change in my online behavior. On the internet, my reach is much wider but the size of the audience tends to diminish the message. Nevertheless, this breadth also serves a very important purpose; it gives me a wider scope to operate on. Social networks such as a Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have at least s third of the world’s population interacting. The ‘share’ feature that allows one to post a link to a given story or article has been of great importance to me. I use my online accounts to continually advocate for social change in the way people use the internet. My hope is that I inspire people to move from merely consuming knowledge but also sharing it, developing it further and refining what they already know through social networking with like-minded individuals.

I have a strong belief that my advocacy in both face-to-face and social media platform will bring about change in the way people interact with information. Once people realize the full value of crowd-sourced information, they will be in a position to expand the horizons of their knowledge. Students will for instance not be limited to the knowledge their instructors have. Hobbyists will find new ways of engaging in the various recreational activities they love doing. Professions will benefit more due to the exchange of ideas and the refining of existent good ideas (Marzano, 2010).


Marzano, R. J. (Ed.). (2010). On excellence in teaching. Solution Tree Press.

Zehm, S. J., & Kottler, J. A. (1993). On being a teacher: The human dimension. Corwin Press, Inc., A Sage Publications Company, 2455 Teller Road, Newbury Park, CA 91320.

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How to Write An Effective Sentence.

How to Write An Effective Sentence
          How to Write An Effective Sentence

How to Write An Effective Sentence

Order Instructions:

Assignment “Poorly Written Sentences”

Business Communication
Poorly Written Sentences

Below, are 15 poorly written sentences. Rewrite them to improve the word choice, syntax, tone and mechanics of each. After each revised sentence, briefly describe why the original sentence was not effective.

1 The supervisor had everyone to mutually cooperate together or someone would file a lawsuit against the company.
2 Jennifer was able to take the promotion after it was offered to her based on her past experiences.
3 It is important that all men in our company feel a sense of pride.
4 Robert defiantly wanted to take advantage of the awesome responsibly assigned to him to prove he was ready for a promotion.
5 The president of the company asked employees to reconsider his plan to make the place better, but his request fell on deaf ears.
6His accommodating style today is just the calm before the storm.
7 Mr. Reed went by train to travel from Chicago to Indianapolis.
8 The car was parked not far away.
9 The men and women that are members of the communication department hope to settle the conflict with the legal department so that isn’t an amazingly long time before something gets done before the public notices the company is having internal problems that will impact them if the men and women of the committee to get this fixed soon.
10 Mr. Llbbins remains essentially unfathomable in regards his attitude about his being fired, even though his sophomoric ways contributed to the event.
11 My boss knows that I will not forget to get all of the files taken care of, dress inappropriately for the Christmas party, and ruin our reputation with the clients we invited.
12 All men in this office have weaknesses, including myself, more than I can count whether they be serious or minor.
13 He gave an OK to spending the $32,000 figure for the car.
14 The envelop was placed by her with final payment in the drop box.
15 Our company should fair well in this years negotiations


The paragraphs in the following essay start by providing the revised sentence then followed by a brief description why the original sentence was not effective.

The supervisor had everyone to mutually cooperate or else someone would file a lawsuit against the company. In the original sentence the word ‘mutually’ already indicates the togetherness required hence the use of the word ‘together’ in the same sentence is an an unnecessary repetition

Jennifer accepted the promotion after it was offered to her based on her experience. The choice of words ‘was able to take’ in the original sentence are not appropriate to use in reference to promotions but rather ‘accepted’ which is more appropriate.

It is important that everyone in our company feels a sense of pride. The use of the word ‘men’ in the original sentence is gender insensitive and should be replaced with a more gender sensitive word such as ‘everyone’.

Robert wanted to take the advantage of the awesome responsibility given to him to prove that he was ready for a promotion. In the original sentence, an adjective ‘responsibly’ has been used instead of using a noun. (Stanley, 2012, pg 15)

The president of the company requested his employees to reconsider his plan of making the place better but his request fell on deaf ears. In the original sentence ‘asked’ has been used but what the president of the company had brought forward to his employees was a request not a

He has calm before the storm accommodating style today. In the original sentence ‘calm before the storm’ is used as an adjective to describe his trait so the phrase should preside the words ‘accommodating style’. (Stanley, 2012, pg 11)


Mr. Reeds traveled from Chicago to Indianapolis by train. In the original sentence the syntax was incorrect.

The car was parked nearby. The word coming after parked should be an adjective of place, in the original sentence the words ’not far away’ do not qualify as being an adjective of place. (Stanley, 2012, pg 17)

The members of the communication department hope to settle the conflict with the legal department members before the public notices that the company is having internal problems which will have an impact on the members if the problem is not fixed soon. In the original sentence there is the use of words such as ‘men and women’ which can just be replaced with a single word such as ‘members’

Mr. Libbbins remains essentially unfathomable in regards to his attitude about him being fired even though his sophomoric actions contributed to the event. The original sentence was not grammatically constructed.

My boss knows that I will not forget to get all the files taken care of, dress inappropriately or ruin our relationship with the clients. In the original sentence, ‘reputation’ is used with the word ‘with’ which is grammatically incorrect.

All men in this office, including myself, have many weaknesses more than I can count, whether serious or minor. In the original sentence the syntax was incorrect.

He agreed on $32,000 being spent on the car. The choice of the word ‘gave an ok’ is not appropriate but rather should be ‘agreed’

She placed the envelop which contained the final payment in the drop box. In the original sentence ‘which contained the final payment’ act as an adjective to describe the envelope so they should come immediately after the envelop.

Our company should fare well in this year’s negotiations. An apostrophe should be there in the word ‘year’ so that it indicates that the word ‘year’ was an adjective specifying the negotiation which is being talked about.


Stanley, F. (2012), How to Write An Effective Sentence. MCB UP Ltd

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Final Reflection Research Paper Available

Final Reflection
Final Reflection

Final Reflection

Final Reflection

One Lesson Plan for every lesson taught. (Not necessary for Observations)
For every day that you teach, choose ONE Lesson and fill in ONE Self Evaluation of that lesson.
This is to be presented in your Lesson Folder in chronological order with the associated Lesson Plan.
Ensure you evaluate what you consider to be successful and unsuccessful lessons.
Complete your Final Reflection task online, as below.
Upload your Supervising Teacher’s Final Report, as below.
Consolidate and send your Lesson Plan folder, as below
Observation and participation in classroom activities.
Supervised teaching increased to a guideline of 50% of a full time teaching load per day.

Use at least three (3) quality references Note: Wikipedia and other related websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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