Euthanasia Should Be Legalized Research Paper

Euthanasia Should Be Legalized Research Paper Format: Outline, Paper, and Works Cited Page (stapled in this order)

Euthanasia Should Be Legalized Research Paper
Euthanasia Should Be Legalized Research Paper

3 to 5 different sources ONLY (One from MDC database and the rest can be Google Scholar). NO WIKIPEDIA!! NO ABSTRACTS!!

Ø Varied sources: books, periodicals, non-print media (NOT OPEN INTERNET SOURCES! “Non-print” means anything that has been published electronically. It may also be available in print.)

Turn in 2 copies of the final draft (one must be uploaded to and the other is a hard copy handed to me.

Staple outline, research paper, and works cited page, and place in a clean folder with pockets. No large notebooks, no plastic folders, no binders.

Sources must not be older than 2010 and must be scholarly (Wikipedia is NOT scholarly work).

American Home Front Experiences Research Paper

American Home Front Experiences Research Paper What were the home-front experiences of the following groups during the Second World War? (Women, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Jewish Americans & Mexican Americans) source:

American Home Front Experiences Research Paper
American Home Front Experiences Research Paper “The American Homefront.”, Independence Hall Association, at least 4 quotes ALL CITATIONS NEED TO BE BOLD! Your Nov. 11 review of the television documentary “Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II” states, “Black workers weren’t even allowed in the war industries.” Not so. While black workers continued to face discrimination in employment in World War II, substantial numbers worked in war-related industries, often in jobs previously closed to blacks.

Quality Improvement Opportunity Research Paper

Quality Improvement Opportunity Research Paper Identify a quality improvement opportunity in your organization or practice. In a 1,250-1,500 word paper, describe the problem or issue and propose a quality improvement initiative based on evidence-based practice.

Quality Improvement Opportunity Research Paper
Quality Improvement Opportunity Research Paper

Apply “The Road to Evidence-Based Practice” process, illustrated in Chapter 4 of your textbook, to create your proposal.

Include the following:

Provide an overview of the problem and the setting in which the problem or issue occurs.

Explain why a quality improvement initiative is needed in this area and the expected outcome.

Discuss how the results of previous research demonstrate support for the quality improvement initiative and its projected outcomes. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years, not included in the course materials or textbook that establishes evidence in support of the quality improvement proposed.

Discuss the steps necessary to implement the quality improvement initiative. Provide evidence and rationale to support your answer.

Explain how the quality improvement initiative will be evaluated to determine whether there was an improvement.

Support your explanation by identifying the variables, hypothesis test, and statistical test that you would need to prove that the quality improvement initiative succeeded.

Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper

Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper The purpose of this Probability Project is to show your understanding of what you have learned in Module 3.

Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper
Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper

You will watch a video and apply the appropriate probability concepts from this module. You will discuss your learnings in a 2-page paper as outlined below.

Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper Instructions

This is a fun assignment to do. In chapter 5 you learned about basic probability and learned about conditional probability.

Now, you get to see these two in action. You may have heard of the TV game: “Let’s Make a Deal,” where at the end of the show, contestants are presented with 3 doors and they are informed that behind one of the doors is a brand-new car. So, the contestant chooses one of three doors. Then the game show host (First one was Monty Hall), opens a door and reveals a goat.

Then Monty asks if the contestant wants to switch or not. So, the question is, what is the probability of winning? Should I stay, or should I switch? What would you do?

Imagine that the set of Monty Hall’s game show Let’s Make a Deal has three closed doors. Behind one of these doors is a car; behind the other two are goats. The contestant does not know where the car is, but Monty Hall does. The contestant picks a door and Monty opens one of the remaining doors, one he knows doesn’t hide the car. If the contestant has already chosen the correct door, Monty is equally likely to open either of the two remaining doors. After Monty has shown a goat behind the door that he opens, the contestant is always given the option to switch doors. What is the probability of winning the car if she stays with her first choice? What if she decides to switch? Think about what you think the answer is: stay or switch?

Basic and Conditional Probability Project Research Paper

  1. Watch a TEDEd video that explains the problem: “Should I stay or should I switch doors?”

  1. Write a paper that includes:
  2. What did you think the probability of winning the car was, before you watched the video? (3 points)
  3. Information from the video what the answer really is (3 points)
  4. How can you use probability and probability rules in arriving at the answer? What probability ideas does this demonstrate and use? Explain and give examples. You may use other sources as well but make sure to cite them (you may want to watch the extended version of the video if you are not sure, watch the Monty Hall Problem video. (15 points)
  5. Are you surprised by the answer to the question “stay or switch”? Does it make sense? (3 points)
  6. 2 pages long, using size 12 font, double spaced, cover page, references included. (3 points)

Developing Own Research Instruments

Developing Own Research Instruments There is a tendency for novice researchers to develop their own instrument if they cannot readily find one.

Developing Own Research Instruments
Developing Own Research Instruments

How might you respond to a peer or manager who asks you to help develop a new tool to collect patient data on anxiety prior to cardiac catheterization? The selection of instruments that will be used to collect data is a crucial step in the research process. Validity and reliability of the collected data and, above all, their potential comparability with data from previous investigations must be prioritized during this phase. We present a decision tree, which is intended to guide the selection of the instruments employed in research projects.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper Go to the online lab, Go-Lab (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and review the directions/instructions.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper
Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

Examine all the variables that you can change in the laboratory.

Decide which four variables you will work within your experiment.

Craft a proposal for how you will conduct the research using each of the four variables. Include how you expect each of the variables to interact with each other.

Formulate at least two hypotheses that include your variables and include the null-hypothesis for each. For example:

Hypothesis 1: As the number of sunshine increases, the truffle population will increase.” Null-hypothesis 1: “The change in the population of truffles is independent of the amount of sunshine.”

Research Proposal on Variables Considered In Conservation Biology Lab Experiment

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper Hypothesis One

The study will propose that as the temperature conditions changed for the warmer the mammal’s population were increased.

Null Hypothesis:

Each temperature conditions do not affect the population of mammal’s communities. Each mammal is indigenous to their environment (different mammals types will accommodate snow vs. Sunny tropical.

Hypothesis Two:

The research will claim that the closer the Island is to the mainland the population’s mortality rate decreased.

Null Hypothesis:

Because mammals are natural swimmers, I do believe the distance from the mainland does not affect the population’s mortality rate.

Literature Review

It is worth pointing out that island biogeography provides highly reliable data that supports the natural selection and

Charles Darwin theory of evolution. According to Kepski et al. (2017), insular biogeography is a selection of the ecosystem

that has been alienated from the whole ecosystem because of being confined by various ecosystems. The conservation area of biology has attained significant advancement in research studies aimed at preserving the species that exist within the island biogeography (Jones, 2019). The elevated levels and danger of extinction regularly reported on the Island, have enhanced the demand for a selection of the solution or interventions aimed at lowering the high levels of extinctions (Zanon, Streck, & Grassini, 2016). However, according to Kepski et al. (2017), for scholars in the conservational biology sector to succeed in their studies to find a perfect solution to the extinction problem, they must be in position to identify and consider some variables that are vital towards rise of the extinction levels among the species on the island. Thus, this research paper will seek to examine the four different interactive variables that affect the level of extinction of the island animals with a lot of attention being directed toward the mammals, the environment, size of the land, and an instance of the island from the mainland. An assessment of how these variables interact with each other to generate a combined effect on the rate of extinction among the mammal species on the island.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

In a recent study by Kepski et al. (2017) claims the populations of mammals on the island along with other animal species such as birds and reptiles have a significant influence on their capacity to adapt to the current environmental conditions that are present in their current ecosystems.  The same idea is held by Zanon, Streck,& Grassini (2016) who defined mammals as one of the various species living in the subtropical terrains and the arctic tundra.  The migration of these species is an essential weapon for them to survive in different environments. The subtropical environment’s survival, death rates, and levels of immigration differ significantly as compared to that of the arctic tundra’s (Pinheiro et al., 2017). In this laboratory experiment, therefore, the level of subtropical environment provided favorable results for reproduction among the animal species. The main variables used in the analysis were environmental, the size of the island, the location from the mainland, and the taxonomy of all the mammals.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

Variable One: Environment: Subtropical Vs. the arctic tundra Environment

In the subtropical areas of the island biogeography, the evolution of the Mammals has resulted in significant levels of diversity, both in form and habit (Zanon, Streck, & Grassini, 2016).  Living organisms in the area range from the small and weightless bat’s to the most massive creatures that have ever been seen on the earth, the blue wales. According to research

the blue whale has a length of about thirty meters, and weighs about one hundred and eighty metric tons (Pinheiro et al., 2017). Most of the class Mammalia that can swim, fly,glide or climb settles in the warm weather or areas of the island.

Zanon, Streck, & Grassini (2016), claims that over than five thousand species of mammals with 125 families and 29 orders. The rodents are the most common mammals that have a great diversity of living lineages. As opposed to Order Tubulidentata that has only one species, the aardvark, the rodents are numerous. The Orders Uranotheria and Perissodactyla had the most considerable diversity among the living things during the late phases of the Paleogene and the Neogene as compared to their numbers in the modern world.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper Variable Two: Mammals

Researchers claim that the greatest diversity in the world today is present in the continental tropical areas even though the members of the class Mammalia reside either on or in water bodies adjacent to most landmasses (Fattorini et al., 2018).

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

Mammals can be located on several oceanic islands, but not exclusively inhabited by the bats. The most significant regional faunas can be identified which was caused by evolution in the comparative alienation of different mammals that was observed in these areas. The separation of South America from North America was done sixty-five million years ago (Kepski et al.,

2017). The mammals that had inhabited South America before the break between the continents island-hopped after the break evolved sovereign from the close areas of North America. Studies done by Jones (2019) suggest that some of the mammals became extinct because of the increased competition with highly advanced demographics, but those in the South American continent

thrived with some radiating to the point that they had successfully competed with the rivals from other areas. On the other hand, Australia offered a parallel situation of early separation as well as adaptive radiation of mammals even though it differed from other alienations because it was not connected to any land masses. The placental mammals that had inhabited Australia such as the rodent and bats did so by island-hopping long after the other mammals had been wiped out by the dangerous radiation on the area.

Arctic Tundra

Research done by Fattorini et al. (2018) claims that small mammals inhabiting the Arctic Tundra showed high reproduction

levels as compared to other classes. For instance, the Lemmings are believed to have a population peak after three to five

years in some areas as they are always active in winter where they reside under snow. During this moment these mammals feed

on the roots of crops, and they can reproduce even under a thin layer of snow (Fattorini et al., 2018). As the population of

the lemming’s increases, most of the plants are eaten resulting in high accumulation of their waste that in turn create large volumes of manure that stimulates plant growth as they add more nutrients and nitrogen into the soil.

The numbers of mammalian species in the Arctic Tundra are limited because of the extreme environmental conditions. Studies by

Padian (2018) have shown that the population of animals that feed on lemmings, such as the foxes, and snowy owls, fall and

rise is dependent on the growth of the lemmings. To meet their needs, the snowy owls are known to migrate to the coniferous

forest regions when the lemming population is low and cannot sustain them. On the other hand, the population of the foxes regularly drops as they entirely rely on the lemmings for survival (Kepski et al., 2017). However, as the number of Lemmings rises, the vegetation cover reduces, and they are forced to shift to less populated parts of the continent.

The reindeer are the dominant herbivores in the arctic tundra regions, Eurasia and North America. The musk ox is also another animal which is considerably large in the Greenland areas and some part of the Canadian Arctic Island. These animals are categorized as significant because of the harsh external environment in which they live. They have a good survival habit that makes them attain such larger body size despite all the harsh condition within the habitat. The large body of these animals gives them the advantage of not losing their internal body heat to the external environment. They have a large surface area to volume ratio which is the crucial factor for their survival. The musk oxen have thick coat covering it thus can survive the cold climatic condition within their habitat. The sharp hooves and antlers in reindeers allow them to move in snow freely without getting stuck in it thus a survival tactic.

Predation also is a critical factor for survival in an ecosystem. Some predators are seasonal depending on the plenty of their pray, but there are some which predate in their immediate environment. Polar bears can survive in the tundra as well as

in wet areas. The polar bear move according to the season. During winter, they live in the ice floes in search of the seals and other animals which come around to breed.

On the other hand, Brown bears hunt on fish and other sizeable mammals for meals. In this ecosystem, there is an excellent dependence of the animal living in the area. The foxes and wolves depend on the leftovers which the bears leave behind after feeding on their prey. In the summer season, wolves and the foxes mostly live on land where they feed on the birds and raise their families.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper

The animals which are located in the tundra region mostly have a white coat which is also a survival measure. The foxes, ptarmigans, and the arctic hares display this characteristic. These animals can camouflage depending on the season thus can survive both winter and summer. The white coloration during snow helps both predators and also prey. The predators can move without being easily detected by their prey and also preys hide in the snow thus not exposed. The polar bears have white coat

due to the specialized transparent hair that can reflect visible light.

Variable Three: Island Size

Recent surveys show that the evolution of little forms of animals such as elephants is as a result of lack of competition for food and the absence of predators (Padian, 2018). The large mammals on islands evolve to very small as compared on their counterparts inhabiting vast continental land masses. For herbivores, they do not need their body for them to survive in the area.  A carnivore on the islands, miniaturizations happens less dramatically and believes that it is mainly caused by the size and prevalence of the prey.

Simulated Biogeographical lab Research Paper Variable Four: Distance from the Mainland

The distance from the mainland also plays a role. The further away from central, the temperature was critical. The environment becomes import because of swimming, from primary to the island for food. If the climate is in the arctic tundra the crossing to the mainland is much more comfortable (Padian, 2018). The type of mammals like swimmers, crawlers and many more also play a role when sustaining life on an Island

Evaluating a Measurement Scale Research Paper

Evaluating a Measurement Scale Research Paper Your task in this assignment is to evaluate how well a real-world measurement scale suits its purpose and to articulate your reasons for this conclusion with professionally relevant supporting evidence. Go to the Capella library and choose one of the following databases:

Evaluating a Measurement Scale Research Paper
Evaluating a Measurement Scale Research Paper

Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments.


In the database, you selected, do a search on a keyword construct such as “employee motivation” or “managerial skills.” You can use either of these or feel free to create your own. Your search should pull up several scales. Pick a scale that looks interesting to you (and is reported in full text). Review the text about this scale. Then, prepare a critical analysis of the scale you chose. Address the following in your paper:

What does the scale measure?

What is the targeted population?

How many items are included on the scale?

What response type is used?

Was it tested for reliability and validity?

Would you consider using this scale if you were researching the keyword you used for your own dissertation? Why or why not?

Be sure to identify the database and keywords you used.

Submission Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Length: No more than 3 typed, double-spaced pages, excluding cover page.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

A Chinese Cinema Research Paper

A Chinese Cinema Research Paper, in which one has to probe into meaningful research questions on the film(s)covered in this course while showing his/her understanding of China. This project is a piece of original criticism on a relevant topic, text, image, or critical problem.

A Chinese Cinema Research Paper
A Chinese Cinema Research Paper

Ideally, the project will result in a stunning conference paper that combines your particular research interest in Chinese visual studies or modern/contemporary Chinese culture with knowledge obtained from the course. Your paper should integrate at least 2 scholarly articles with your own analysis of a work. In other words, you use other scholar’s research to support your own argument about the film or literary work. The article must come from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal (e.g., PMLA, Journal of Chinese Cinemas, etc.).

Up In Michigan by Ernest Hemingway Research Paper

Up In Michigan by Ernest Hemingway Research Paper on “Up In Michigan” by Ernest Hemingway

6-7 pages, 6 sources which 3 of them must be scholarly reviewed in correlation to the story Up in Michigan and 2 have to be historical/social sources.

Up In Michigan by Ernest Hemingway Research Paper
Up In Michigan by Ernest Hemingway Research Paper

In this project, you will use all of your developing skills in textual and contextual analysis, supported by secondary research, to develop and pursue your own line of inquiry. You will embark on an extended investigation into a literary representation(s) of an issue of particular interest informed and complicated by the work of other experts in the field. The end product will be a thoughtful, critical, and persuasive thesis-driven article with supporting evidence from primary and secondary sources that develops an argument about how literature reflects and/or influences the world around it.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper about the documentary of “Surviving R Kelly” research paper about the documentary “Surviving R Kelly” and needs to have 5 Academic print sources

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper
The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

Analysis of the Surviving R. Kelly

Surviving R. Kelly is a documentary that features accounts from multiple women who say they escaped Kelly’s cult it also highlights the interviews with members of Kelly’s inner circle. This documentary explains how young women come out in unison to speak against singer R. Kelly.  The testimonies of the victims are full of pain, regret, and determination as they all explain how R. Kelly exploited the black girls and women. The survivors are stepping forward to express their disturbing experience with R. Kelly- physically, mentally, and sexual abuse.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

The childhood incest trauma could have possibly influenced R. Kelly’s character to that of soliciting young girls into sex. The beginning of the documentary highlights Kelly’s childhood life to help us get to know the person he was.  He was sexually abused in his early life. In some cases, people who have undergone sexual abuse at a young age may end up replicating their frustrations on other people. But we do not take it as an excuse for what he did to young women and girls. He did not speak up about the incident so no one could know it. If he had shared with his close relatives or friends or even his mother, he could get help on how to deal with it and prevent future replication of it.  His close friends and the employees at the recording studio are also to be blamed for R. Kelly’s behavior.  Instead of teaching him that what he was doing was wrong, they enabled him to thrive. Their primary role as close inmates was to stop him from doing what was not morally upright and guide him on how to get out of it. They used their race to destroy him and his legacy.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

  1. Kelly’s encounter with underage girls and sexually abusing them raises a question on parenting. Where were these parents when their young daughters could go out alone in the town and the parties? How could they allow their children to start relationships at a very tender age? Good parenting is that that cares for children’s whereabouts and who they have entrusted their children. It is not an excuse for what R. Kelly did to the girls, but it is a lesson to the parents that minors need monitoring and extra care especially the girls who are the most vulnerable sex. If the parents of the girls could have taken their responsibility for the proper upbringing, such cases could not have happened. Although R. Kelly himself could have made an obligation of a big brother it seems he did not know that what he was doing to them was not good morally. Or on the other side of the coin, he was an ignorant being who found pleasure in sexually assaulting young women.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

  1. The aspect of freedom also comes in here. It is clear that these parents gave too much freedom to their children that it ended up ruining their lives. They did not question their whereabouts until when they got the news that they had been locked up by R. Kelly.  Keep in mind that the girls were minor and maybe they were in high schools at the moment- they would go out clubbing with music celebrities and have sex at that tender age. Aaliyah for instance, married R. Kelly at the age of 15- what was her parent’s reactions about this? Though there is no hint to this, probably they were okay with it because they would have stopped her from marrying him.

The documentary depicts racism in favor of whites. Black girls were more vulnerable to sexual violence compared to whites.  Also, the authorities receiving sexual assault reports could have doubted the black girl’s claim; thus, they failed to take serious action.  Kelly’s accusers were black, and this could be the reason why Kelly’s popularity increased and that he did not face criminal offenses- injustice to the black community. It shows how the skin color could be a reason for not serving justice to the offended. It also describes how racism had taken root in those times- whereby the young black girls are more vulnerable to sexual assault and that the White Americans were not at the forefront in helping young black girls. There is a gap that needs bridging to bring social equality and justice to all genders irrespective of their ethnic background.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

Moreover, poverty is another factor in a sexual violation of the girls. The girls were from poor backgrounds, and so they kept hanging with Kelly who promised to help them flourish their careers. They endured all manner of abuse with the hope that one day R. Kelly will help them prosper and make it in life. The desperate search for wealth can lead someone into doing this that is not morally upright- the case of the young women. If only the girls came from wealthy backgrounds, then the likelihood of them falling victims could be low.

Career guidance could go a long way by making sure that there are government agencies that are responsible for coaching students after school and later placing them in a fair market place. R. Kelly knew that the girls needed to advance in their careers, but he did nothing to help them. What he did was to assault them sexually and took their innocence. It depicts women as inferior gender while men are superior- the women could not express what they were going through under Kelly’s hands. Probably they feared for their lives as Kelly was a no joke man. However, addressing the issue of poverty would eliminate such cases in society. It will prevent monsters like R. Kelly from taking advantage of such girls.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

The documentary depicts a corrupt society that has allowed monsters to thrive. R. Kelly started abusing young girls from as early as the 1990s, and no one in the community or government got a hint on this. It was only after the assaulted came forward to talk about their fateful experiences that the nation became aware of the vice. It seems some people slept on their roles. The role of law enforcement officers is to maintain law and order, but here it seems they were nowhere close to it. A frequent patrol in R. Kelly’s recording studio and his mansion could have saved the girls from going through more of the abuse. It is clear that corrupt people run society. Again, his close friends knew the willful acts of R. Kelly but they did not disclose to anyone because R. Kelly was their boss, and trying to spy could render them jobless. It is also in this society that R. Kelly married 15-year old Aaliyah. Although they forged Aaliyah’s documents for her age to read 18 years, the relevant authorities should have been at the forefront for thorough investigations. It is only in a corrupt society that such monsters as R. Kelly thrive.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

Lastly, child education on sex and forms of sexual abuse helps them not become victims of sexual assault, especially in their tender age. Sex education is lacking in such a society, both at school and at home. Children ought to know at what age they can get married or even engage in sexual activities. They also ought to learn how to deal with strangers and that they should not easily fall for them. They should be assertive such that materialism cannot take control of their lives. Again, sex education equips them with skills to use in case they find themselves in situations of a possible rape. They will be conscious of their private parts and their sexual consent. R. Kelly did not receive any form of sex education in his childhood stage- he would have dealt with the molestation from his close relative. Again, sex education would have equipped him with knowledge of handling his relationship with the young girls. He wouldn’t go to that extent of sexually assaulting them rendering them helpless.

The Documentary of Surviving R Kelly Research Paper

In conclusion, comprehensive knowledge of sex and its forms of abuse is an emerging concern in any society that wants the best for its children. Abstinence is the best way to prevent both possible sexual assault and diseases from unsafe sexual practices.  The government should put more forces in place to avoid such monsters as R. Kelly from thriving.