Fanar Trading International Business Email

Fanar Trading International Business Email Mr. Al-Rashed. We hope you are doing well; we were much honored to meet you last week in China regards to our conversation here I introduce for you our company.

Fanar Trading International Business Email
Fanar Trading International Business Email

We at Fanar International seek to facilitate and close the distance between partnerships and factories here in China and traders in the world and especially from the Gulf countries.

In Fanar we offer you all commercial services starting from helping the customer in the search for a good product and competitive price, then checking factories, companies and making the business contracts with them as we are an approved Chinese trading company.


After ensuring the safety of the establishment and contracting, both parties are dealing with the banking transactions and to ensure that there is no imperfection during this process.

Fanar always follow the factory during the manufacturing period from inspection visits to the factory and be sure of the quality of manufacturing and to ensure that there is no error, God forbid. This should be done through communication with the customer by means of photographic reports and explanations during the production phase, then supervising shipping, selecting the fastest lines of marine and its best, and following up all the relevant documents required upon arrival of the container to the sending country.

We provide all certificates and documents required to facilitate the process of shipping and clearance for the arrival of containers as soon as possible without any delay.

Some of the certificates that can be provided to the customer:

Certificate of origin – Bill of lading – Commercial invoice – Packing List – Certified Documents from the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCPIT) – SASO – SABER – IECEE3 and others as desired by the customer.

As for the fees at Fanar Trading, we always strive to ensure the best prices and the highest quality. We guarantee that the prices in the offers are exactly the prices of the factories directly.


Office commission: 5% on any bill between $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 dollars less or more than that is considered and negotiated according to the goods required.

– Local fees: We are in the light of the light on production and safety product and shipping directly so there are expenses and travel tickets during the inspection visits.

– Shipping charges: The customer is notified after the period of completion of production and before shipping freight value to ensure the cheapest prices.

We are pleased to serve you and honor to deal with you


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