History of a Modern Art 1900 to 1945

History of a Modern Art 1900 to 1945 The subject should be grounded in ART HISTORY and should be within the time-frame covered by the class, that is to say, 1900-1945.

History of a Modern Art 1900 to 1945
History of a Modern Art 1900 to 1945

The topic chosen should not be too general in scope. It should focus on a subject, which allows the student to cover the material in a succinct manner given the short format. This can be a series of works by one artist, an aspect of a movement, an interesting phenomenon common to a group of works.

Please make reference to the critical tools, issues, theorists, writers, and approaches addressed in class and/or in the required readings. The bibliography (or list of works cited) should have ten (10) scholarly sources (such as journal articles or exhibition catalogs), and make reference to the required readings. There should be a minimum of ten texts cited. The texts in the course pack should be cited and additional outside research is expected. Web-sources should be scholarly in nature.

  • The text should be well-edited and composed: with an introduction including thesis statement with a clear indication of author, topic, analysis of the artwork(s), statement of your own point of view, and conclusion?
  • Correct scholarly format necessary for citations (footnotes and bibliography). Students should work with the Chicago Style Guide, available? In bookstores, on the web, and in the reference section of the library?
  • WEB SOURCES: scholarly journal articles available on the U. of Ottawa database only, i.e. JStor or Sage are fine.?
  • Illustrations are necessary.

History of a Modern Art 1900 to 1945 Important

  • Please make sure that you have given your sources for any information concerning the artists, movements or works discussed, whether these are direct citations or not. Papers lacking proper sources will not be accepted as that is a form of plagiarism.
  • Please make sure that you define and/or explain specialized terms throughout your paper.

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