The Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Order Instructions: What is the relation of being a director assistant and the human resource management? In other words, I want a detailed description of the role of the director assistant and describe any of his responsibilities to HR or Management.

The Human Resource Management
The Human Resource Management

What is the relation of being cabin crew in the international airline (flight attendance) and human resource management? In other words, I want a detailed description of the role of the cabin crew in the international airline (flight attendance) and describe any of his responsibilities to HR or Management.

Following conditions must meet:

1) Main Responsibilities should be a description of the main responsibilities and day? today duties in each position. Please provide as much information as possible.

2) Please provide Details Specific to Your Role (which is human resource management) it is important to provide enough information about what you did in each position; a couple of sentences for each year you held the position is a minimum. Provide examples where relevant.

3) Avoid blanket statements like “in charge of quality control”. Be specific – “I was responsible for quality control in the company’s factory in Madrid, producing over 100,000 units a year”.

4) Whenever possible, make the information specific to the program you are applying for (in my case is the master of human resource management). For example, If you are applying for a Marketing program, including details about your marketing experience. “In charge of Marketing” gives the University no idea about your abilities or experience; give details.

5) If you are applying to a program that is connected to your previous employment, make sure you make any connection obvious. You may not have worked in a Marketing position, for example, but may now want to do an MSc in Global Marketing because you did lots of marketing activities in addition to your normal job role

The Human Resource Management Sample Answer



In an organization, different staffs execute specific roles that match their skills. This paper describes the roles of a director assists and flight attendants as well as their relationships to HR.

Assistant director is one of the many job roles in an organization. Like any other roles, an assistant director is expected to execute different roles to help in achieving the goals of an entity.  Assistant director helps the director of the company or a department to execute various roles in the quest to achieve the set objectives. The assistant director helps in providing training and guidance in an entity. Training is an ongoing program in many institutions and therefore, they provide assistance in ensuring that these trainings are undertaken well to ensure that the trainee becomes efficient in their roles. They delegate duties to their junior staff; duties such as scanning, typing, and photocopying of documents. They as well shave the powers to hire, terminate and training staffs. Assistant directors as well take part in the planning and implementing of various programs such as annual calendar activities; they create schedules as well participate in the strategic management of an organization.

Assistant directors as well have the responsibility of ensuring that the corporate or work with their directors to trigger, sustain, and ensure that programs and services grow.  They ensure that operations and functions in the organizations move on smoothly as expected. Assistant directors can as well attend and preside over meetings in an organization. They as well ensure that the goals and objectives set are achieved. The assistant directors as well are expected to carry out various duties including, helping in the creation of budgets,, tracking expenditures,  creating presentations, arranging for special events fundraising initiatives,  representing the organization to the public, business partners and key stakeholders. In their day-to-day duties, assistant directors ensure that the processes are running on smoothly. They engage with their staffs and directors to give guidance and advice on the way things should be undertaken.

These responsibilities closely relate to those carried out by HRM.  For instance, just likes the human resources managers, assistant directors can provide training to the recruits, they can hire, and terminate the staffs. These roles are traditionally known to be performed by human resource managers. Furthermore, they as well participate in strategic planning in an organization and ensure that processes and functions run smoothly.  They as well participate in activities such as creating schedules and providing assistance to other managerial staffs to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and objectives.

Cabin crews also the flight attendant in an international airline carry out various roles in their day-to-day activities. Some of the roles they carry out have some relationships to human resource management.  Serving as cabin crew in an international airline for three years, I have done various roles.  The roles are more or less similar on daily basis.

Before the very flight, I attend a safety briefing with the pilot and the lead pilot flight attendant. In this briefing, I usually go over safety and emergency checklists, the features of the airplane and the locations and the amount of emergency equipment. This is very important as it enables me and other staffs to verify whether everything is in order. I also check and verify on special needs passengers such as small children traveling, VIPs unaccompanied children and passengers with any health conditions and such. I also check the cabins to ensure that they are functioning properly. Other things that I verify include equipment such as torches and life-vests, firefighting equipment, any dangerous goods and weights and size of the luggage, seats, ensure seat belts are fastened well (Vantoch, 2013). This is normally done before the flight takes off.

After taking off, I serve drinks and food to the passengers. I ensure that all passengers are served.  After servicing the passengers, I as well check and listen to any unusual situations or noises.  I as well check the cockpit regularly to ensure that the pilots are in good health and safety.  When the plane is landing, I check cabins to ensure that they are secure. All liquids are disposed and garbage collected. After landing, I assist the passengers especially the children with ID verification. I escort the children to help them complete their paper works.  Sometimes during emergencies, I responded immediately. I have training in this area.  My responsibility as cabin crew to the HR is to ensure that I execute my duties with diligent and as expected to avoid any disciplinary issues with the HR. I also have a responsibility to manage time well. My performance records determine whether I can be promoted or not.

Therefore, as I plan to pursue masters in human resource management, I can vehemently say that I have had enough experience working as an employee. My relationship with HRM as well has oriented me to the duties and roles of the HR in an entity. This, therefore, gives me a green light about the course.

Working as a cabin crew is a wonderful to experience even though the task is challenging.  It gives one an opportunity to interact with many people from various cultural backgrounds and in the processes enhances one’s socialization and communication skills

The Human Resource Management Reference

Vantoch, V. (2013). The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon.          Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press

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