Burak Strong or Weak arguments Essay

Burak Strong or Weak arguments Essay Prompt A -argue whether Burak’s arguments are strong or weak. I would like strong.

Burak Strong or Weak arguments Essay
Burak Strong or Weak arguments Essay

Also, make sure to please add quotes from the book and a hook on the first paragraph. This is a mid-term essay. Instructions attached and book cover attached. My preference is that he has a strong argument instead of weak. The focus of this article is on the interface between research on resilience—a construct representing positive adaptation despite adversity —and the applications of this work to the development of interventions and social policies. Salient defining features of research on resilience are delineated, as are various advantages, limitations, and precautions linked with the application of the resilience framework to developing interventions.

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad Rhetoric and Research

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad and Argument Guidelines


An important goal of ENC 1102 is to equip you with the writing and research skills to compose a clear, coherent, and engaging research argument.

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad
Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad

A traditional approach to writing a longer essay includes a process of:

o Generating a topic and identifying a clear, defendable thesis.

o Accumulating and evaluating solid academic and popular (news) resources.

o Organizing a coherent argument (often from an outline) with an introduction, body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion.

o Working through a recursive drafting process that includes a rough draft, a preliminary draft, and a final draft.

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad Topics:

The subject matter and argumentative direction of your research argument are open to your choice.

You must, however, research and write about a matter of contemporary American public controversy. In recent classes, students have written about gun control, immigration policy, educational access, environmental concerns, and stem-cell research—just to name a few potential topics. Due to the complexity of many of these areas of controversy, you’ll want to identify a subject that you are passionate about early in the course and begin accumulating resources and refining your views. I recommend that you develop a series of research questions that will help you to clarify your position and organize your writing.

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad Composition Guidelines:

  • Your research argument should be ten pages in length. Because you will also include a

“Works Cited” page at the conclusion of your work, the final document that you submit for a grade will stretch to eleven total pages in length.

  • You need to incorporate a minimum of at least ten resources in supporting your work. I recommend a mixture of academic resources (journal articles, reference texts, or chapters from academic books) and popular resources (newspaper and magazine articles, TED Talks, or podcasts) for your essay.
  • Your essay must be formatted to meet MLA standards. Please review Module Five for information on citing resources with MLA documentation principles.
  • Please use either the Times New Roman or the Courier New font for your work. Depending on the length of your essay, you can use 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, or (preferably) 12-pt font size.

Your work should be double spaced. Please do not include extra space between paragraphs.

  • Do not include a cover page for this assignment (some instructors may ask for one in other classes).
  • Up to three reasonably sized images (charts, graphs, and photographs) are acceptable. Please re-size them so that the images are not pixelated, and center them in your document with text above and below. Label them Figure 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 (for images) or Table 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3

(for charts and graphs). You can use both images and charts, of course, but just make sure that you label them accordingly.

Argumentative Paper on How Abortion Is Bad Assignment Deadline:
  • Consult the calendar in the course syllabus for the appropriate assignment deadline and submission method. (1)

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The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay The Public Turn assignment is a revision of your researched argumentative essay into a new media and directed toward a public audience.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay
The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay

This assignment asks you to present your exigence, claim, and relevant support for your claim in a new form that is not a written, argumentative essay.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Audience:

In the course of your research, you have developed a strong sense of the various stakeholders involved in your research topic. For this assignment, you will identify a public audience—one that is general, although it probably shouldn’t be ‘everyone’—who are stakeholders and who you believe you can influence with your argument. You tailor your Public Turn specifically to this audience.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Purpose:

Practice translating arguments from one mode of delivery and audience to another. You will need to consider what another audience will require in order to understand your argument—how will we understand your exigence, the Kairos of your situation, or the research you have done? The Public Turn assignment also requires you to consider carefully the opportunities and constraints of various media, and how your design decision are affected by them. Given the increasing availability of many different forms of composition, the Public Turn assignment is designed to help you think about, analyze, and practice using rhetorical concepts in non-written forms.


As the setting of your Public Turn presentation is our classroom, your tone does not have to be too formal; consider what kind of tone, voice, and delivery will best establish your ethos in this context.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Assignment Description:

For the public turn assignment, you will need to consider a new audience, a new method of delivery, and a new purpose—tailored to this audience and mode of delivery—for your researched argumentative essay. The media you choose is completely up to you—you can create a website or a blog, write a song, act out a sketch, paint us a picture, give us a poetry slam, create an Instagram account, choreography an interpretive dance, cook us a meal, or anything else you might think of—as long as it is not an argumentative essay. Whatever media you choose, your Public Turn will need to make use of at least three modes of communication (e.g. textual, graphic, video, sonic, spoken, etc.). In each of these three modes, you will need to make some kind of argument or appeal.

For instance, if you decided to cook us a meal, you might make an olfactory argument using the smell of the food, a visual argument using the presentation of the meal, and a spoken argument in your explanation of the menu. Or, you might make a song and music video that incorporates a spoken argument in the lyrics, a sonic argument with the music, and a video argument in the images.

As with the argumentation of your researched argumentative essay, you will need to consider how your new audience will affect your Public Turn. Ask yourself:

  • How will you make your audience understand the stakes of your argument?
  • What information do they need to know in order to understand your research?
  • How will you best keep this audience engaged?
  • Will the same warrants and support work for your new arguments as you used in the researched argumentative essay?
  • Will the Kairos of your issue be apparent? How will you frame it?
  • What kind of biases does this audience have? How can you ethically deal with them?

The Public Turn also requires you to present the most relevant supports for your claim; to that end, you are required to use at least 6 of the sources from your researched argumentative essay in your Public Turn. As you choose which sources to use, consider what opportunities or constraints various media put on your argument: a song does not allow you to include inartistic appeals like graphs, while a PowerPoint presentation may not allow for much pathos.

After you have presented your Public Turn, along with the rest of your Final Portfolio, you will turn in a short (600-700 words) reflection paper on your Public Turn project. In your reflection, you need to describe in detail the new audience you have chosen, why you chose it, and how you directed your Public Turn toward that audience. You should also discuss why you decided to use the media you did, and what modes you used to make your argument—especially how you used each mode to make the arguments. Finally, you should reflect on how you think your public turn project succeed, how it could have been better, and how you would approach this project differently if you were to do it again. Include a Works Cited page with your 6 required sources at the end of the reflection paper.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Presentation Description:

Your Public Turn Presentation will be limited to six minutes long, and will need to be able to be evaluated in that time. If you go over the six-minute mark, I will stop you. Whatever you are unable to present will not be considered as part of the evaluation. One of the most important aspects of presenting is that you manage your time well, and that you are respectful of your fellow presenters by allowing them their allotted time.

While your presentation will make up the majority of the graded aspect, your attention, respect, and engagement with your classmates’ presentations can also affect your grade. Learning to make arguments is as much about learning to be an audience member as it is a composer, rhetor, or presenter. An absence during a presentation day that is not due to a serious emergency will result in a letter-grade deduction on the presentation portion of the Public Turn Assignment.

Presentations will be ordered randomly, using a random number generator re-run at the beginning of each presentation day.

This means that you must be prepared to present onthe first presentation day. This is done to ensure an equal amount of preparation time is given, as much as possible, to each presenter. If you are absent for any reason other than a serious emergency on the day you are called to present, it will result in a one-letter grade deduction from your presentation grade. Failure to present will result in a zero for the entire

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Public Turn assignment.

Important Criteria:

  • Your Public Turn Presentation must be no longer than 6 minutes—I will stop you at the 6-minute mark. Practice for timing.
  • Your Public Turn Presentation will make use of at least 6 sources from your researched argumentative essay.
  • You must have a precise thesis closely related to the claim of your researched argumentative essay, though it may differ slightly due to audience or delivery.
  • Use your 6 sources to provide you with data for well-researched, reasonable claims

that support your thesis.

  • You must use at least 3 modes of communication to make your arguments.
  • You need to be an attentive, engaged, and respectful audience member for your

classmates’ presentations.

  • Your reflection should address your audience, media, how you made your argument, and the self-evaluation of your project.

Important Dates:

Monday, April 22nd—First Public Turn Presentation day. (Be prepared to present on this day.)

Wednesday, April 24th—Second Public Turn Presentation day.

Friday, April 26th—Third Public Turn Presentation day.

Monday, April 29th—Last Public Turn Presentation day (last day of class). Wednesday, May 1st (Final Exam Day)—Reflection assignment due at 11:59 PM on Blackboard.

Wais IV Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary

Wais IV Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary Assessing premorbid functioning with the WAIS-IV Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary subtests versus the North American Reading Test (NART).

Wais IV Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary
Wais IV Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary

Performance on a cognitive test can be viewed either as measuring a unitary function or as reflecting the operation of multiple factors. Individual subtests in batteries designed to measure human abilities are commonly modeled as a single latent factor. Several latent factors are then used to model groups of subtests. However, these latent factors are not independent as they are related through hierarchical or oblique structures. As a result, the simple structure of subtest performance results in complex latent factors.

The Conflict in Dialogue Essay Paper

The Conflict in Dialogue Essay Paper Write a dialogue of at least 10 lines between your main character and another character. Begin with the line: “Why can’t you listen for once?”

The Conflict in Dialogue Essay Paper
The Conflict in Dialogue Essay Paper

The assumption here is that this dialogue is beginning midstream. That’s fine. Just keep it going and see what this apparent conflict reveals about the characters. I learned a lot about crime fiction writing in an odd place—the theater. While I was completing my MFA in playwriting at Brooklyn College, I wrote for a few small theater groups in Manhattan and had a couple of short plays produced.

Video Critique Assessment Assignment

Video Critique Assessment Assignment Please view the Forensic Factor videos in their entirety.

Video Critique Assessment Assignment
Video Critique Assessment Assignment
  1. Create a minimum of 1 page typed Word document which fully answers the following questions:

What made sense in the video? What was clear?

What did not make sense in the video? What was confusing?

How does the video illustrate what we have discussed in the course?

What is your overall impression of the video and why do you feel this way? Good communication is an important skill needed in the health care profession to ensure effective
communication between patients and the other healthcare professionals. As a pharmacist, it is important to acquire
specific skills in history taking especially in relation to the medication and counseling on the safe and effective
use of medication.

Videos are:

Assessments That Certified Executive Coaches Use

Assessments That Certified Executive Coaches Use There are many assessments that coaches use, initially or during the coaching relationship to support the client in creating greater self-awareness as well as a vision and goals. Chapter 8 (Moore) provides 13 different assessment.

Assessments That Certified Executive Coaches Use
Assessments That Certified Executive Coaches Use

Locate one of these assessments and then administer it to a co-worker. After completing the assessment discuss it with the co-worker and provide insight into the results of the assessment. Make sure to share with your co-worker that you are doing this as part of your graduate class and that you are not a certified executive coach.

Benefits of Executive Coaching Discussion

Benefits of Executive Coaching Discussion Discuss the benefits of Executive Coaching?. How would you recommend your organization take full advantage of Executive coaching?

Benefits of Executive Coaching Discussion
Benefits of Executive Coaching Discussion

Every business executive has his or her own style of leadership and management. Traditional styles rely more on authoritarian and transactional styles, where a clear hierarchy and duties are spelled out. Depending on the leader, these styles can become harsh, with unrealistic expectations killing employee morale. Considered a friendly style of leadership, the coaching and mentoring style lets you build effective teams. While there always should be a clear chain of command, coaching helps foster employee skills and mentoring grooms employees for higher level responsibilities

Why Coffee is Healthy and Actually Good For You

Why Coffee is Healthy and Actually Good For You
Why Coffee is Healthy and Actually Good For You

Why Coffee is Healthy and Actually Good For You

This essay has to be debatable, so the essay stance is that coffee IS good and healthy for the human body and provides a number of benefits, etc!
Graded Assignment
Research Project
Total score: ____ of 100 points
During the next several lessons you will work on a research project. You will begin the project today.
To begin, save this document to your computer with your name at the end of the filename (e.g., NG_ELA9-10_W_11_GA_Alice_Jones.docx). You will write your research project in this document, and will submit this document to your teacher for grading.
Refer to the Research Project Assignment document and follow the steps of the process to complete the assignment.
Check with your teacher regarding the date you need to submit the assignment. Your teacher will score your assignment using the Research Project Grading Rubric. Look at the rubric yourself so that you know how your assignment will be scored.
Type or copy your work here.

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Gun Control Argumentative Research Paper

Gun Control Argumentative Research Paper This is my graduation research paper, so it is extremely important to be done well or otherwise, I will not graduate.

Gun Control Argumentative Research Paper
Gun Control Argumentative Research Paper

The paper is about Gun Control, there are 4 sources that I will provide and you have to use all 4 of them in writing the paper.

That means that you will have to read the sources and extract information from them. It is an argumentative paper so you have to side with an opinion, either for gun control or against it, it doesn’t matter but you have to pick a side. The side you pick will be determined by the 4 sources I will provide. If the sources are against gun control then the paper should be against control, but if the sources are for gun control then the paper should be for gun control. Whichever one, you are trying to pursue the other side to change their mind, again it is not an analysis paper it is an argumentative paper. There is a slight possibility that the sources might change, if they did I will inform you in less than 24 hours.