Definitions Innovation and Adaptation in Christian World

Definitions Innovation and Adaptation in Christian World

Definitions Innovation and Adaptation in Christian World
Definitions Innovation and Adaptation in Christian World

Define the following in terms of whom or what it is, where it is specifically located, when it existed/took place, and why it is important in world history.

About a paragraph per term.

Confucian Examination System

Genghis Khan

Harsha Vardhana

Mahmud of Ghazna


Silk Road

Tang Taizong


Wang Anshi Reforms

Wu Zetian. NRMs are characterized by a number of shared traits. These religions are, by definition, “new”; they offer innovative religious responses to the conditions of the modern world, despite the fact that most NRMs represent themselves as rooted in ancient traditions. NRMs are also usually regarded as “countercultural”; that is, they are perceived (by others and by themselves) to be alternatives to the mainstream religions of Western society, especially Christianity in its normative forms.

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation Case Management Decision Case

Reaching Millennials Through New Product Innovation At Campbell’s Soup

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation
Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

What is a marketer to do when their whole product category is shrinking? That’s the situation Campbell’s Soup found itself in as many consumers decided that soup was no longer mmm mmm good.î53

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

Campbell’s Soup was a pioneer of mass food manufacturing, making shelf-stable (canned) goods a fixture in American pantries. But many of today’s consumers prefer a different approach to eating seasonal, fresh, and organic. This is particularly true for America’s 80 million millennials, an important generation that Campbell’s and other soup makers were not attracted to their traditional canned soup products. To reconnect with this market segment, new CEO Denise Morrison took the 125-year-old company in some bold new directions, using a combination of internally driven product innovation and acquisitions of food industry trailblazers.54

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

Job one was to understand what millennials want in food. For this research, Morrison sent Campbell’s employees to cities known as hipster hubs Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; London; and Paris to learn about the preferences of these potential customers. This generation, they learned, is culturally diverse and globally connected. While they have college degrees, they also tend to be underemployed. This in-out generation likes cuisines that were once considered exotic: Mexican, Indian, and Asian. Campbell’s vice president of consumer insights summed it up: they go through life hunting out and gathering different experiences. They sample foods in the same way they sample jobs’ The Campbell’s team didn’t just ask customers what they wanted they used a process of deep immersion, which involved executives eating meals with customers in their homes, looking in their pantries, and tagging along on trips to the supermarket.55

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

Campbell’s also wanted to predict where food tastes would be headed in the future. For this task, the company interviewed chefs, nutritionists, and academics, but also experts of a different sort: designers, anthropologists, and futurists. Campbell’s learned not only what consumers may soon be eating, but how they want to buy their food. Technologies such as augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and new kinds of currency will affect how food is purchased both through mobile devices and brick-and-mortar retail.56

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

Acquisitions were one route Campbell’s took to add to its product line. Garden Fresh Gourmet was a health-focused brand with a loyal following for its salsa and hummus. Now a Campbell’s brand, it provides customers with gourmet soups in sizes to feed a whole family. Boathouse Farms, a seller of fresh carrots and refrigerated beverages, brought additional expertise and customers. To reach millennial parents, Plum Organics was added, bringing with it a food line for babies and toddlers.57

These acquisitions helped address another finding of the research: the high priority placed on healthy, fresh food. Consumers were concerned about the levels of sodium and high fructose corn syrup in Campbell’s traditional soups.58 The trend toward a preference for organic food also influenced the company’s innovation choices. Campbell’s launched an internally developed product, Go Soups, a premium-priced line of soups focused on freshness and packaged not in cans, but in plastic pouches designed to convey that freshness.59 But Campbell’s has not kicked the can completely, offering its Well Yes! Soups in a can, but without artificial ingredients. And Campbell’s Simplicity line uses high-pressure processing, allowing the product to retain its flavor and color without the use of preservatives.60

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation

This focus on health extends beyond products to education and a unique service offering. Campbell’s now offers a website and app,, that allows consumers to see details about the ingredients, where the food is sourced, and how itís made.61 Even more revolutionary is its acquisition of Habit, a start-up providing personalized diet recommendations. Customers send an at-home nutrition test kit to a certified lab and then receive a personalized diet along

241 with coaching from a nutritionist, all based on the consumer’s lifestyle, physiology, and health goals.62

For a company accustomed to a few innovations each year, the new pace of product development is breathtaking in one year, they planned to introduce 200 new products.63 Not all are hits: a kit to make soup in Keurig coffeemakers was abandoned due to disappointing sales.64 However, to keep pace with the changing priorities of millennials and all its customers, Campbell’s will likely have to keep up this aggressive rate of innovation, using additional acquisitions and continuous R&D to roll out more products and services.

Reaching Millennials through New Product Innovation Questions for Consideration

  1. In what category of the product life cycle are Campbell’s soup products? Can a company’s products be in one stage of the PLC while the industry category is in another?
  2. Beyond product innovation, what other parts of the Campbell’s marketing mix could be adjusted to try to get millennials to grab their soup spoons?
  3. Campbell’s expanded its offerings through both its own R&D and by acquiring other companies and their products. What are the pros and cons of these two options? Which should be Campbell’s focus going forward?
  4. Since consumer research shows a clear preference among millennials for foods other than soup, should Campbell’s slowly abandon soup in favor of other alternatives or continue to try to reinvigorate the soup product line?

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation Your presentation should have an introduction to your topic, general view and 3 detailed aspects and/or uses for it. No videos can be used.

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

The presentation should not exceed 5 minutes, so I recommend rehearsing and practicing your presentation. All PowerPoint files should be submitted before Sunday’s class

Grading will be based on:

  1. Preparedness and Organization
  2. Understanding the Subject Matter
  3. Professional Presentation Skills
  4. Conclusion and closing the presentation
  5. Attire (professional outfit)
  6. PowerPoint File (File name should be your complete name) all the references should be in the last slide.
  7. Attendance and behavior
  8. Submission (Any late submission will deduct 0.5 point from your grade and mistakes in submission will deduct 0.25 point from your grade.)

The Product Life Cycle Part and New Product Process

The Product Life Cycle Part and New Product Process The Product Life Cycle Part & The New Product Process

The Product Life Cycle Part and New Product Process
The Product Life Cycle Part and New Product Process

Assess the value of the product life cycle as a tool for product succession planning and related product management activities. Give your opinion on whether or not the Product Life Cycle can help health care managers in promoting portfolio planning, strategy formulation, and forecasting. Provide one (1) example to support your rationale.

Select two (2) stages of the Product Life Cycle. Describe the methods for strategically and tactically managing products during each of the selected stages. Relate the selected stages to two (2) real-life examples of strategic or tactical initiatives within a health care organization.

Create an argument in support of the assertion that the Product Life Cycle enhances marketing outcomes in the health care industry. Provide support for your argument.

Suggest at least two (2) examples that support the notion of the limiting life span of health care products as a necessity in the ongoing and systematic product succession planning effort.


ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo “Martial Arts R Us” (MARU) needs a database. MARU is a martial arts school with hundreds of students. The database must keep track of all the classes that are offered, who is assigned to teach each class, and which students attend each class.

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo
ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

Also, it is important to track the progress of each student as they advance. Create a complete Crow’s Foot ERD for these requirements:

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

Students are given a student number when they join the school. The number is stored along with their name, date of birth, and the date they joined the school.

All instructors are also students, but clearly not all students are instructors. In addition to the normal student information, for all instructors, the date that they start working as an instructor must be recorded along with their instructor status (compensated or volunteer).

An instructor may be assigned to teach any number of classes, but each class has one and only one assigned instructor. Some instructors, especially volunteer instructors, may not be assigned to any class.

A class is offered for a specific level at a specific time, day of the week, and location. For example, one class taught on Mondays at 5:00 p.m. in Room 1 is an intermediate-level class. Another class taught on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. in Room 1 is a beginner-level class. A third class taught on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. in Room 2 is an advanced-level class.

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

Students may attend any class of the appropriate level during each week, so there is no expectation that any particular student will attend any particular class session. Therefore, the attendance of students at each individual class meeting must be tracked.

A student will attend many different class meetings, and each class meeting is normally attended by many students. Some class meetings may not be attended by any students. New students may not have attended any class meetings yet.

At any given meeting of a class, instructors other than the assigned instructor may show up to help. Therefore, a given class meeting may have a head instructor and many assistant instructors, but it will always have at least the one instructor who is assigned to that class. For each class meeting, the date of the class and the instructors’ roles (head instructor or assistant instructor) need to be recorded. For example, Mr. Jones is assigned to teach the Monday, 5:00 p.m., intermediate class in Room 1. During a particular meeting of that class, Mr. Jones was the head instructor and Ms. Chen served as an assistant instructor.

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

Each student holds a rank in the martial arts. The rank name, belt color, and rank requirements are stored. Most ranks have numerous rank requirements, but each requirement is associated with only one particular rank. All ranks except white belt have at least one requirement.

A given rank may be held by many students. While it is customary to think of a student as having a single rank, it is necessary to track each student’s progress through the ranks. Therefore, every rank that a student attains is kept in the system. New students joining the school are automatically given the rank of white belt. The date that a student is awarded each rank should be kept in the system. All ranks have at least one student who has achieved that rank at some time.

ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo

You can use either Microsoft Visio or Vertabelo to draw and export the ERD. To upload and submit your assignment, click the submission button below to find and select your saved document. Make sure that the file is saved with your last name in the file name. (Example: case2_Jones.pdf or case2_Jones.jpg)

The role of leadership competencies in innovation

The role of leadership competencies in innovation
The role of leadership competencies in innovation

The role of leadership competencies in innovation in the UAE last few years.

Research report should follow established research design principles, and support their proposal with a comprehensive and critical literature review clearly establishing the contribution of the proposed research, identifying data-sources and justifying methodological choices.

Individual Report Guideline

Research Title
Student must clearly mention the title (question) of the study.

In a paragraph, student must provide a summary of the study, highlighting the topic, sample, data collection and analysis methods, and main finding of the study.

Introduction and Background of the Study
In this section, student must provide an introduction where a background of the study and how the research question was created with relation to existing theories in the field of the study. In addition, the introduction section must also illustrate the motives behind the study. Student must also highlight research philosophy and framework of the study. Finally, the introduction must explain the structure of the study.

Objectives, problem statement and importance of the study
In this part, student must state the research problem, which is a justification for conducting the research. This will help the student emphasize the objectives of the study, state what makes this study important, and the study’s contribution towards the existing literature.

Literature review
In this section, the student must review enough relevant literature, theoretical or empirical. This will demonstrate the student’s understanding of the research topic, and help in identifying the gap in the literature.

Hypotheses of the study
Student must clearly list the main hypotheses of the study. The null hypotheses are stated and put for testing.

Data and methodology
This section provides a discussion of the size of data, data collection, sampling procedure, and statistical tools used by the study to analyze the data.

Data analysis and results
In this part, student must explain the data analysis procedure, and present results clearly with the help of tables and graphs. The results must be then explained and discussed in the light of previous literature and hypotheses.

Conclusion and recommendations
In the conclusion part, student must summarize the results of the study, highlighting the main finding of the research and stating whether a positive or a negative relationship was found.

Student must list all the references cited in text in an alphabetical order using APA reference style.

Attach a copy of the questionnaire

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Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment

Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment This is the assignment’s information:

Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment
Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment

Your next project is to play a “random” computer the game of Tic Tac Toe. For this project, however, you are to have the logic and game scores stored on the server. The requirements are:

When accessing the index.php file for the project, the page should post the last player who was playing Tic Tac Toe based on the cookie stored in the browser. It should also ask “Is this you?” and give the user a chance to change who he or she is before beginning to play. If cookies have been cleared, or nobody had played in that browser before, the page should ask for the name of the player who will play. There should also be a button on the page asking to “Start Playing” or something similar to go to the next page and begin playing.

Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment

Once Tic Tac Toe is playing with the player entered, the player and computer will play the games and keep track of the score of player wins, the computer wins, and draws. This will be done using sessions to allow the computer to randomly pick its moves. That is, the player will play the computer with each player move being stored to the session and the computer making a random choice for its piece (O or X) by updating the board state and picking one of the remaining squares. You must have a Board.php class to keep the state of the board up to date, passing the row and column of the player move (as stored in the session) to the Board class, with the computer returning a row and column for its move back to the browser again through the session.

At all times, the player wins, the computer wins, and draws should be displayed in the browser. These are the values for all times! That is, is you close the browser then open it back up, then enter the name of a user who has previously played against the computer, these scores should all immediately appear even before the next game begins.

Tic Tac Toe Game Essay Assignment

Usually, the scores of all players vs computer should be stored to a database. But hey, we haven’t looked at databases yet!! So you will store all scores in a file on the computer (check on how to work with files) and read that in whenever a player starts playing.

For your CSS file, you will use SASS to create your CSS files as I demonstrated previously in class. Use the site to see how to install SASS on your computer (mine has it running so I will essentially compile your SCSS files into CSS files) and use “Learn SASS” page on the site to learn the basics on how to create pages. (While you have a fairly simple CSS file to create, imagine a huge site with many pages and much styling to attend to! That’s when SASS is so important. You will just get a taste of using it here.) I will use “Preprocessing” to compile your SCSS file. You will notice that you can use SASS for Variables, Nesting, Partials, Import, Mixins, Inheritance and Operators. You are required to use at least 4 of these 7 for your project. Also, make your SCSS (and the resulting CSS file) interesting enough that your page looks reasonable.

Processes of Invention and Innovation

Processes of Invention and Innovation Review the processes of invention and innovation. Then, select a new product that you have been introduced to in the past 12 months.

Processes of Invention and Innovation
Processes of Invention and Innovation

You are encouraged to research this new product using outside sources. You can use the same company you have been researching, or pick a new one.

You are to create a PowerPoint presentation about future inventions this new product could help to inspire and what innovations could be developed to enhance and improve this product. Analyze how these two areas could impact the company. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements:

Slide 1: Title page

Slide 2: Description of the new product

Slide 3: Description of the importance of R&D to include lead users and market research

Slide 4: Discussion of appropriate structure and culture within the company necessary to support innovative ideas and products

Slide 5: Exploration of future inventions inspired by the product or analysis of future innovations of this product (Was this a successful invention leading to innovation?)

Slide 6: Prediction of product demand in five years

Slide 7: List of sources using APA guidelines

Please ensure that every slide has a title at the top explaining what the slide covers. To complete this assignment, a minimum of two reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced. Add citations in proper APA format, use applicable pictures or graphics, use a slide template, and avoid wordy slides by focusing on bullet points. Remember

Creativity and Innovation Individual Assignment

Creativity and Innovation Individual Assignment
Creativity and Innovation Individual Assignment

Creativity and Innovation Individual Assignment This is an individual assignment. Research and find a definition of each of the two main concepts from class:

1) Creativity

2) Innovation

Once students have found acceptable definitions, they are to briefly explain if they agree with how both creativity and innovation are defined.

Next students are required to create their own new definition based on their own experience and perception of the two concepts.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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Analysis of Issues in Global Industrialization

Analysis of Issues in Global Industrialization
Analysis of Issues in Global Industrialization

Analysis of Issues in Global Industrialization

Research Report: Analysis of Issues in Global Industrialization

Format for Report

Format: Typed, double-space. 12-point font. 1î margins all around.

Word Count: 1,000 words minimum. Type the word count at the end of your report, before the References.

Organization of your Report


Questions to Answer in the Analysis of Issues Report:

  • What are the factors that contribute to the development of industry?
  • What are barriers to manufacturing development?
  • Why are some regions more industrialized than others?
  • What has happened to American industry and why? What can be done about it?

The changes in American industry (a core country) are discussed in the first video. What are challenges for a de-industrializing country like this? The other videos show prospects for economic growth through industrialization for a BRIC country like Brazil and for suggestions for Africa and a MINT country such as Nigeria. You may focus only on Brazil and Nigeria or you may include other BRIC or MINT countries. What are the challenges for these countries to move from NIEs (Newly Industrializing Economies and LDCs (Less Developed Countries) to become part of the core?

  1. Evaluation and Analysis

The readings and videos will allow you to answer the questions above. You should discuss the relevance of industrialization to economic growth. Evaluate its effect on economic growth and development. Discuss policies and programs that a country can pursue to achieve its goals. Include America’s economy in your discussion. It is a core country that has undergone de-industrialization during the past 30 years.

III. Summary & Conclusion

Summarize your evaluation and analysis by listing the major points. Provide recommendations about the effect of industrialization and the future for the countries that you analyzed.

Bibliography/References List. List the Readings and Videos if you used them in your report as well as any other sources of information that you found. The MLA format for citing references is How to cite references:

Save your report as a .pdf file and submit it to this assignment page by the due date. This course uses the Turn-It-In feature in Canvas to determine the originality of your written assignments. Your Turn-It-In score must be no more than 30%.

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