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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Executive Summary

With the creation of Facebook and Twitter among other social blogging networks in the early part of the twenty-first century, exchange of communication became a lot easier and wider. People became able to share photos, make new friends from different continents, share text messages amongst each other and even advertise their products online for free. Lorna Jane is an Australian wear company that recently decided to venture into the growing yoga clothing market. This is not traditional for the enterprise. Therefore, the company would like to understand Facebook as a potential marketing platform for their new product line. Social media has grown over the last decade from a social interaction site to an important marketing place for products of varying types. The essence of writing this consumer insight report is to analyze the behaviors and traits of social media audience as potential buyers for the Lorna Jane wear company’s new line of yoga outfit. In this project, emphasis will be put on Facebook as the primary target social media market.

Evaluation of the findings

According to the research findings, all the individuals who were sampled in the study had Facebook accounts. This shows that Facebook had a larger following of members compared to the other social media sites such as Instagram which came second, Twitter and the rest. 77 percent of the research sample had logged into their Facebook accounts less than an hour before the research was conducted. This shows that Facebook users, which are a majority of the social media users log into their accounts within hourly intervals. Most of the Facebook users also log into their accounts on daily basis. This shows that the social media site is very attractive among the youths. 16.3 percent of the interviewed people checked their Facebook accounts at least ten times per day. 16.6 percent of the sample spent at least two hours per day on Facebook. The highest number of people in the sample population spent their time on the Facebook reading newsfeed. Liking and viewing of photos and Facebook were some of the mostly performed activities.

The information from the first survey can be used to formulate an appropriate marketing policy for the new line of yoga outfit for the Lorna Jane were a company. From the information collected from the survey, Facebook is the most popular social network. Some of the most popular activities on the social network involve viewing timelines and exchanging photos. These traits are important for marketing of a product that depends on an impression to consumers. The posting of any comment or picture about a product on Facebook would lead to exposure to many potential customers. The high frequency with which Facebook users log into their accounts on Facebook presents a higher probability of a product being marketed on Facebook of being spotted by consumers.

In the second survey, many individuals interviewed were either just certified, at 34%, not sure whether satisfied or dissatisfied at 20% or dissatisfied at 22.7%. These statistics indicates that there is a high potential for the investment into the yoga outfits business. The dissatisfied people, 22.7% of all the sampled population, are a number large enough to warrant investment into products concerned with body fitness. The 20% of the sampled population who are not sure are also a target market as social media may also be used to influence people into not being satisfied with their unfit bodies and, therefore, start yoga. On the matter of importance of the looks in yoga pants, most of the sampled population was of the views that it was slightly important, moderately important and fairly important. This shows that at least people care about how they look in yoga pants. Therefore, they would prefer to buy a fashionable yoga outfit. This would be significant in choosing how to market the Lorna Jane Yoga line. The results for those planning to buy yoga pants in the subsequent 12 months showed that 62% of the participants would buy the pants within the period. This shows that there is an extremely potential market for yoga pants. Most of the participants also did not own the Lorna Jane line of pants. This showed that there is a need for a stronger marketing strategy to ensure that there is growth in the number of consumers of Lorna Jane yoga pants. The comments put along with the photos on Facebook influenced the people’s view of the brand. For instance, the second comment about Melanie was a bit selfish and self-centred. Therefore, people did not like the brand as much as they liked the pants in the first photo.

Recommendations and justifications

Lorna Jane Wear Company should employ Facebook as a marketing tool through paid ads. The company should also pick a famous sports person as a face for the campaign.

Based on the fact that Facebook utilizes both the consumer culture theory and the experimental consumer theory, the company should employ a strategy that takes advantage of both models. As seen from the analysis of the research above, most of the people are on Facebook and marketing via Facebook would expose the product to more potential consumers (Alizadeh, 2015). The investment into yoga wear is a risk that the company is willing to take, and it would, therefore, be correct for the enterprise to exploit any possible niche for their brand. Facebook is one of these niches (Shank & Lyberger, M.2014).

The choosing of an athlete as a face of the new Lorna Jane Yoga clothing line is based on the application of the two theories of consumption that Facebook exploits. The athlete must have a desirable athletic body as looks of people in yoga pants matter according to the research. The face of the campaign will be seen in ads of the new line around the internet and Facebook. This sports personality should be of attractive physic and popular among the youths (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). This is because the youths are the principal target of Facebook marketing. The face of the campaign will wear the clothing line during her yoga exercises and share nice photos of herself via her official Facebook fan page and the official Lorna Jane fun page. Facebook users will then be exposed to the photos of the athlete experiencing the use of the yoga outfit in different stages of consumption.


Alizadeh, M. (2015). The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing: The Impact of Viber Status updates on a sporting event of the academic. Jurnal UMP Social Sciences and Technology Management Vol, 3(3).

Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2010). Principles of marketing. Pearson Education.

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Vij, S., & Sharma, J. (2013, January). An Empirical Study on Social Media Behaviour of Consumers and Social Media Marketing Practices of Marketers. In 5th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies.

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Social Networking Constructive Speech

Social Networking
Social Networking

Social Networking

My argument is “Social Networking sites does not threaten privacy rights.”
My opponent’s argument is “Social Networking sites threaten privacy rights.”

Please make a constructive speech where I will have the primary burden of refuting the other team’s argument by analyzing and explaining the flaws in the opponent’s position. I want you to identify my opponent’s key arguments and attack their legitimacy by turning the analysis to the other side by presenting evidence that destroys or reduces the opposing position; presenting alternate causes that are not accounted for by the opposition argument, exposing argument inconsistencies between the speakers and the opponents and their statements during crossfire. I want you to develop a full sentence speech case outline that includes:

(1) An introduction that links your second speech to your first speech, followed by an overview of the issue, which is frequently the opponents

(2) please write 3-4 reasons/evidence for why the opponent is wrong that are written out as contentions with claims, evidence, and impact.

(3) please write a conclusion that summarizes my position as well as illustrate what the clash (exchange of arguments) means for my position within the debate.

*Important: Please make 3-5 questions for me to ask my opponent, to clarify arguments and evidence presented by the other and demonstrate flaws in the
opponent’s arguments.

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Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid the Truth

Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid the Truth Order Instructions:


Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth Sample Answer

  1. Did Merck Try to Avoid the Truth?

Emerging facts from the media are indicative that Merck could have avoided the truth about their controversial drug Vioxx.

Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid the Truth
Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid the Truth

According to reports from various quotas, Merck was well aware of the effects of the drug right from the time it was first released into the market. His argument is that the company, fully aware of the effects of the drug came upon with a marketing strategy. The strategy was in form of package that was used by the sales team for training. With this package, the sales team could easily avoid questions from doctors that could easily incriminate the drug. Although Merck has denied these allegations, it becomes apparent that Merck was fully aware and attempted to avoid the truth.

An Opinion on the Outcome for Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth

The very first time the issue was taken for trial the out coming was surprising. The ruling was in the ratio of 5: 4 with the majority ruling in favor of the defendant. Merck was initially exonerated from blame as they proved that they were not are of the effects. Merck argued that the earlier tests that were carried out on the drug indicated that the drug was safe for use (Marckaham, 2015). They further argued that upon realizing that the drug had side effects, they immediately withdrew it from the market. However, this ruling did not last as it was overturned and Merck was found culpable. The culpability of the company mainly lied with the fact that they appeared to have hid the truth from medical practitioners though the tactful training package. This second outcome of the case was more justified and made more sense based on the facts provided.

Explain whether you feel the consumer has any responsibility and Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth

In marketing, there is a principle referred to as ‘caveat emptor’ which is translated to mean that the buyer ought to be ware. Ideally, this principle means that a buyer could not make choices uninformed and should take reasonable steps to verify quality of product (Berenson, 2005). This is often the case when it comes to consumer products and mainly foods. It is for instance expected that a buyer of bread is aware of ingredients and hence if they are allergic to yeast they will keep away. One cannot buy bread and then seek to sue the company for use of years because the buyer should be aware. However, in a case involving medicine, the buyer is not expected to be aware as not all buyers are expatriates in the field. As such, the consumer was not in any way responsibility and could not take part of the blame.

Explain the Role of FDA and Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency established by law whose primary role is to regulate both good and health industry. The role of the agency is o ensure that all the foodstuffs and drugs released to the market are fit for consumption by human beings. All foods and drugs must be tested and when they pass the test of quality, then they are branded to show that they are fit for consumption (Marckaham, 2015). In this particular case, it was surprising to note that the drug had been in the market for years. FDA admitted to not having done enough to look out for the interests of Americans. With proper measures in place, the effects that were caused by the drug could have been avoided. Going by the statistics that were released by FDA 28,000 deaths were too many to go unnoticed. This means that there was a lapse in the accuracy of FDA.

Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth for Assess Punishment

The punishment awarded by the court was satisfactory but perhaps not enough. However, it certainly served the purpose for which it was intended. Merck, though an overwhelming verdict was required to pay to the plaintiff an amount as compensation (Berenson, 2005). In addition, the drug which was believed to bring a considerable amount in profits was withdrawal from the market. This must have been one painful experience but necessary to ensure that a lesson was learnt. A total amount of $ 11 billion was a  huge dent that certainly threatened the ability of the company to remain afloat. The most appropriate punishment is one that ensures deterrence in future.

Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth in Deterrence of Future Behavior

One way to deter behavior of this nature by a corporation is to ensure that the FDA tightens any loopholes that would let products in the market unchecked. It is imperative that any food or drugs for human consumption be taken through serious scrutiny and ensures that they are fit. The Food and Drug Agency must move swiftly to ensure that such incidents are kept at bay. More than a year of circulation without the agency knowing the adverse effects of the drug is a sign of negligence. In addition, there ought to be legislations that introduce a process that will allow rigorous checking process of the foods and drugs before their release into the market.

Mercks and The Vioxx Trial to avoid  the Truth References

Berenson, A. (2005). For Merck, Vioxx paper trail won’t go away. The New York Times, August 21st, 2005.

Marckaham, J. (2015). A financial history of modern U.S. corporate scandals: From Enron to       reform. New York: Routledge


LinkedIn Discussion Assignment Available



Order Instructions:

Write about LinkedIn Create a numbered list of four key points specifying how you can maximize the effectiveness of your chosen technology in a business context. Give one example of how your chosen media could be used most effectively in a business setting (i.e., a scenario of how and when to use the media).
Your posting should be between 250 and 300 words written in full sentences with correct punctuation and spelling. Post directly in your Group-work Discussion Forum (do not use attachments).


The management of the business ought to use LinkedIn technology mostly in ensuring they connect with very many people as fast as they can. This will enable people to know more about them and be interested in buying their company’s products. The use of media to advertise products brings many to be aware of the newly released products in the market.

Web Based Management systems should be used by the management because, most of the business today are mobile and papers are of less need following that, many systems can be accessed through  the use of internet (Bovee & Thill, 2011). A Web Based Project can aid a business that has created a to-do list through placing it in a good position to stay on task. However it is well connected to serve its clients from all the corners of the world. Through the use of Web Based Project, a company can be connected through LinkedIn to all its customers globally. This is the best technique that ought to be used to fasten and effect all the business activities.

All the business tasks need to be automated with LinkedIn technology to save time. The newsletter service is a good example of a business that uses internet to save time as it connects with thousands of its clients. They are known to use Aweber, which is an automatically service, that feedbacks all their new subscribers intending to buy their newsletters online. The use of technology has enabled this business to reduce its expenses, maximize efficiency and productivity, thus, increasing their profitability in the business (Bovee & Thill, 2011).

LinkedIn technology has been very useful in the processing of the data in a business by making it more efficient. On the other side, the use of credit cards has enabled people to shop and pay for goods in the business counters through the swapping method.


Bovee, C., & Thill, J. (2011). Business Communication Today. Pearson Education; 11 edition

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Impact of Social Media on Business World and Our Life

Impact of Social Media on Business World and Our Life My essay is an argumentative essay and the topic is about the impact of social media on our social life and businesses.

Impact of Social Media on Business World and Our Life
Impact of Social Media on Business World and Our Life

I should choose a side if I am with
or against social media. I have chosen to write about with the impact of social media and how the positive impacts our lives and businesses. I will attach my
proposal that mentions what I want to focus on. I am going to talk about the positivity of social media and have included my case study. It will be about
Facebook and Whatsapp. I will also mention Instagram and how people have started opening businesses using this social network. Please include references and
bibliography of my essay.

Social media Film Review Essay Paper

Social media
Social media

Social media, simulation and consumption Science and technology (including media, transportation and other technologies present in the film)

Write a 4-5 page paper (double spaced) using Assignment 3 as raw material for an analysis of The World, interpreting the film according to one or a mix of these two sets of themes:

  • Social media, simulation and consumption
  • Science and technology (including media, transportation and other technologies present in the film)

Use vocabulary from Chapters 7-10 and lectures.
1. Begin with a THESIS. Hypothetical example (note: do not use this thesis in your own paper—this is an example):
“I aim to show how the film The World (Jia Zhang-ke, 2014) are constructed as consumer citizens.” Then you would have to mean what you mean by consumer citizens, and cite some sources from reading about it (Banet-Weiser, the textbook), keeping in mind her concept was written to describe North Americans not Chinese subjects. This
should take you to the end of page one or the middle of page 2.
2. Explain how the film overall functions in terms of your thesis.
Example following from above: “Throughout the film, characters engage in consumption …. {Explain in 2 or 3 paragraphs how the film plot as a whole relates to the thesis, and different places in the film where neoliberal consumer values are expressed.} This should take about a page.
3. Do a close analysis of your scene to develop and support your thesis. “The scene in which such and such happens is a useful one from which to demonstrate the film’s expression of neoliberal consumer values. In the first shot of the sequence, we see so and so walking in a residential area hallway surrounded by her co-workers; she is carrying a bag…. [go forward and further describe and analyze, saying what these elements and relationships mean}” This should take about 2-3 pages.
4. Tie the scene, with its new meanings that you have shown by drawing from details in your analysis of the sequence, back into the film as a whole. This should take a half to a third page or so.
5. Conclude with a synopsis or statement about the broader implications of your thesis for the film as a whole. This can be a paragraph, or longer.
6. Include a bibliography or use footnotes. Any standard citations style is fine. If you go to 5.5 pages that is okay.
the link for the movie
for point no.3 this is my sequence
from 1:22:07-1:25:48
terms from ch7-10

  • simulation
  • globalism
  • globalization
  • social media
  • consumption
  • social marketing

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The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media
The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

Order Instructions:

Paper : Presenting Proposals: The Problem/Solution Argument The uses and abuses of technology and media—from smart phones to social networks—seem to be on everyone’s mind. Write a proposal argument about some pressing dilemma caused by the digital age that is changing (ruining?) our lives. The majority of the paper should focus on the specific solutions you propose to solve the problem.You might want to explain how to bring traditional instructors into the digital age or establish etiquette for people who walk in traffic using handheld electronic devices. Or maybe you want to keep parents off of social networks. Or maybe you have a great idea for separating professional and private lives online.



“The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media”

One powerful dynamic that is shaping our social, intellectual, and moral spheres is the Internet. The internet technology resulted to social media, whereby millions of people interact, gather, and share information or experiences on various subjects. Social media has managed to attract many users within just a very short period. Although the use of social media has some benefits, it has also created room for abuse of technology. For example, with the availability of technology and social media, under age individuals have been exposed to disruptive contents that affect their psychology and eventually their whole lives. This paper champions the thesis that technology and media use also results to abuses that can ruin the lives of many people.

Most social media websites do not take precautions to make sure young individuals are protected (Macafee and J.J 579). Therefore, without these precautions, any visitor is able to connect and take part on the interactions. Young people are not well developed, and their judgments may still be crowded. Therefore, they form the best prey for criminals who are look to exploit people on the internet. This is where you find that individuals over share their personal information, share nude photos, and even get to view nude photos of other without expecting to(Macafee and J.J 581).

To ensure that social media and technology are not abused, the websites should take steps to ensure only people of the right age can view its content. This can be done by ensuring that the process of verification of age is strict. It should mimic the steps taken by online banking websites, whereby an individual is expected to provide a scanned valid identification, which is first approved before being able to view the content. Parents should also make it their responsibility to ensure children do not have access to such sites by always monitoring their web activity.

Work Cited

Macafee, Timothy, and J.J. De Simone. “Killing The Bill Online? Pathways To Young People’s Protest Engagement Via Social Media.Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking 15.11 (2012): 579-584. Academic Search Premier. Web. 1 Aug. 2014.

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