Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles

Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles In order to achieve the desired outcomes of new strategic HRM practices and positively impact organizational performance, it is absolutely essential to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with leaders and employees throughout the organization.

Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles
Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles

Formulation of HRM strategies and implementation of supporting practices must involve the collective inputs of many constituents—employees, HR professionals, line managers, and executive leadership. Building this essential partnership can be a challenge and involves communication in the delivery of strategic HRM practices in multicultural settings around the globe. HRM professionals need to understand the organizational strategy, the organization’s customers, and competitors in order to assist in the process of transformation, act as a change agent, and add value through HRM practices.

Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles

You have reviewed many of these practices in the previous weeks. This week there is an emphasis on the need to work as internal consultants. HR professionals should be able to highlight business opportunities and challenges through people and proactively consider human resource implications and opportunities that may add value. The strategic HR partner provides information on various options, which are part of a plan to realize the organizational vision, and also appraises executive management of potential HR challenges, opportunities, and implications.

Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles

You also learned through this course that what distinguishes the field of strategic HRM from earlier transactional models is the focus on organizational outcomes, including financial performance and the ability of HR policies and practices to positively impact HR resources and enable the organization to realize and sustain a competitive advantage within a global economy. Even with a new emphasis as a strategic partner, HR still has opportunities to act in a transactional role or service provider.

Compose a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

Which role(s) do you believe are most critical for the success of an HR professional as a strategic partner: change agent (transformational), internal consultant (business partner), or service provider (transactional) and why?

What are some ways to gain support for new strategic HRM practices from all organizational members?

Review your post from Week 1 in the Discussion on HR professionals’ role as strategic partners. Reflect on whether your perceptions have changed and/or any insights you have gained as a result of this course.

Outcomes of New Strategic Human Resource Roles

All work must be in APA format. Please include an introduction and conclusion.

Please include at least 3 references.

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