Drawbacks of Corporal in Disciplining Children

Drawbacks of Corporal in Disciplining Children

Drawbacks of Corporal in Disciplining Children
Drawbacks of Corporal in Disciplining Children

What are the drawbacks of corporal punishment, as a way of disciplining children? What does the research say, as the rules of punishment on children in Canada?

Also, reflect on if you were a parent, what forms of discipline will you use for your kids based on what you know now? What are the drawbacks?

You will need to look into the rules of punishment on children in Canada. (find research and source this please)

Also, I will need a turn-it-in receipt. Please use proper sentence structures and proper grammar.


Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper Unemployment is the proportion of unemployed people who are currently available for work. There are social and economic impacts of unemployment which can be harmful if unemployment rises above a certain percentage in an economy.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper
Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

One of the key drivers of the economy: consumer spending is lost when there is a high number of unemployed people (Aghion, 1996). Unemployment has a noticeable impact on the economy of a country. A high level of unemployment can also have many effects which can be seen in areas of families, crime and education among others.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Impact of Unemployment on Families

Unemployment has a devastating effect on families especially when there is a fruitless and prolonged search for another job. The economic security of families is affected negatively as the income required to cater for the resources of the families is unavailable. When there is a sole provider in a family who has been affected by unemployment, the whole family is adversely hit by the negative impacts of unemployment. Steady sources of income are essential for the fulfillment of the needs of families (Bradshaw, 1983). When there is a halt to the constant sources of income, the financial abilities of families is lost. As a result, families suffer psychological, social, and emotional disturbance.

One of the most common impacts of unemployment on families is the reduction of disposable income. With the setting in of unemployment, there is a drastic reduction in the disposable income of families. All the expenditures that may be major in families have to be cut down to allow adjustment with the little available money. The purchasing ability of families is also reduced with some of the most critical expenditures such as food being profoundly affected as cutting on the necessary spending leads to increased poverty. The family members, therefore, have to go through a lot of hardship to meet the needs of their families. The unemployment phase is also disheartening for families and directly or indirectly affects the prosperity and happiness of families.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

The loss of families’ financial securities is also an impact of unemployment. Unemployment of the member of the family who is earning brings sudden changes in the lives of the other members of the family. There is the creation of stress and tension with the sudden loss of the financial security of families. The regular expenditures which were previously carried out by the members of the family have to be re-evaluated or stopped due to the change in the financial capacity of the family. The adjustment to this change becomes very difficult for the members of the family as the change maybe unexpected (Liem, 1988). For the families to survive in such condition, the necessity becomes searching for other sources of income which is difficult.

Another impact of unemployment is strained relationships in families. Money remains to be an essential thing to keep things flowing smoothly in families. With reduced or no cash in families, the provider of the family is under constant tension and stress. This disturbs the physical and emotional health of everyone in families. A mental frame of the mind that is disrupted leads to unending conflicts among partners in families. As a result, the mental framework of children in families is negatively affected. The relations among the members also become strenuous because of the friction created by the state of unemployment of the provider of the family.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Unemployment harms peace and happiness around the house in different families. This affects the children in the families as they are unable to put in the effort that is required for them to build a future. Housing issues have also been caused by unemployment. Families may need to start shifting to other houses which have a lower rent rate because the previous ones prove to be too expensive (Tarling, 1982). The families affected by unemployment and living in their own houses also face problems especially in paying up the installments of previously taken home loans. These housing related issues also hamper the overall lifestyles of families all through the unemployment period.

Another impact of unemployment on families is indulgence in illegal activities. Repeated failures in securing employment can make the members of families to carry out illicit activities to cater for the different needs of families. Quite often, unemployed people tend to resort in events that are illegal to make money as various options are running dry. As a result of little or no money in families, the unemployed members are likely to turn to alcohol and drug abuse. This has been seen as a way of running from the problems which are as a result of the lack of funds. The health and relationships of families, therefore, deteriorate as a result of the indulgence of family members in alcohol and drug abuse.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

There is an increased susceptibility to a health problem in families. There is a significant rise in issues that are health-related as the members in families are deprived of nutritious food. The poor financial health in families leaves people with no funds for disease treatment. Lack of treatment of these diseases, in turn, leads to fatal outcomes. Unemployment is also responsible for triggering mental disturbances and depression in unemployed family members. The adverse effect on social acceptance of families is also an impact of unemployment. Children who are from families with unemployed parents are not considered at par with the other children of parents who are employed.

Loss of retirement security is an impact of unemployment. With job loss, money set aside for use after retirement comes to a stop. The retirement security is lost as families have no accumulated wealth to be used for expenditure after the earning family members retire. Unemployment that is long term also reduces the chances of buying a home at an old age and the chances of asset building. The dependence on government welfare programs by families has been as a result of unemployment. This increased dependence may make children lose interest in earning a living resulting in poor academic performance. The poor performance means minimized chances of securing employment in the future, and the cycle continues.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Impact of Unemployment on Education

One of the benefits of education is lowering the risk of unemployment. Unemployment has however contributed to the reduction of the benefits as unemployment and culture are interrelated. The decline of the incidences of unemployment is essential than the reduced unemployment duration in the creation of education differentials. The provision of quality education is dependent on the resources available both human and financial. The funds may be provided by individuals in families who are employed but these changes when the provider in the family is affected by unemployment.

Another impact of unemployment on education is the decrease in social input. School is highly dependent on society for content and resources to be taught in educational institutions. This has however been affected by unemployment. An increase in the level of unemployment results in decreased input by society to the education sector in an economy. Another contribution is in the financial form which is affected by unemployment in the economy. The education levels are since changed when there are increased levels of unemployment in the economy.

High levels of unemployment have an impact on the sector of education in different ways. Graduates have been forced to settle for jobs that are below their professional qualifications resulting in unemployment. Unemployment has since posted a challenge to graduates and has since affected the education of the graduates. Unemployment has an impact on the advancement of knowledge of semi-skilled and skilled individuals in the market. There is no possibility of education advancement since most of the graduates in the market are unemployed. This is because of the finances required to advance in education which is dependent on employment opportunities.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Unemployment has had an impact on the salaries of the worker with different educational qualifications. Those absorbed in the job market are unable to meet the required wages according to the levels of education. The lack of payment of wages equivalent to the output being brought out by workers is a form of unemployment. Such reduced payments are as a result of the impact of unemployment on education (Nickell, 1979).

Unemployment has a significant impact on education in terms of commercial catering of the training itself. Unemployment is related to a decrease in the quality of education being provided to different learners in learning institutions. Unemployed individuals cannot provide for learners who depend on these individuals for learning. An unemployed individual who depends on a job to provide for another individual’s education needs may affect the education of the other individual if fired or fails to secure a position. Children are therefore not able to complete their training and end up in the frustrating job market while still unskilled.

Impact of Unemployment on Crimes


There is an age-old hypothesis that the unemployment rate is directly proportional to the crime rate. This hypothesis has been supported by numerous statistical studies which have proved that unemployment is a significant contributor to the increase in crimes in different countries. However, no definite pattern shows that unemployment has an impact on crimes. A higher crime rate is linked to the unemployment state in the particular society. The unemployed workers with low skills tend to be more involved in crimes as compared to highly educated individuals (Chiricos, 1987).

One impact of unemployment is that it creates excellent disparities in incomes of the people in societies, in turn, resulting in increased crime rates. There is an economic and social impact of unemployment on crimes. Unemployment has impacted both positively and negatively on crimes. The positive effects of unemployment on crimes are called the criminal motivation effect with the adverse effect being known as the criminal opportunity effect. A higher unemployment rate increases the aggregated probability of committed crimes because unemployed people are more likely to be involved in crimes to maintain their living standards. The circulation of properties and people is also slowed down by unemployment with the increase in the unemployment rates leading to further slowing down.

When individuals stay for an extended period while being unemployed, the chances of securing a job continue decreasing making crime an option. A relative increase in the level of unemployment results in the leads to a corresponding increase in the crime levels. When people are laid off, it may result in criminal activities such as drug peddling, burglary, and other crimes to maintain their current standards of living (Crow, 1989). With the increase in the rate of unemployment, the crime levels also increase. A decrease in the unemployment rate on the other hand results in a reduction of crimes. Unemployment causes poverty which is a significant contributor to crimes. Poverty makes people resolve to crime as a source of income.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

One significant impact of unemployment is on property crimes and social vices. Most people who engage in misconduct are not inherently criminals but tend to explore other options before engaging in crime, but the options tend not to satisfy the intended purpose. Research has shown that most unemployed people commit property crimes as compared to violent crimes. The property crimes decrease with a decrease in the unemployment levels, but this does not affect the violent crimes in any society. In addition to property crimes, unemployment has led to factors that have forced people to be involved in crime. Social vices which have been impacted by unemployment are also a high contributor to the increase in crimes in societies.

Unemployment is a criminal factor because the deterioration of living standards marks the unemployed individual. The emotional structure of unemployment is unstable, and the unemployed people are thus unable to control desires and thus influenced to commit criminal activities. Unemployment decreases the production of new items meant for human consumption as there is also a decrease in the rate of use ó the reduced production results in the consumption of crime-related products by the unemployed people in society. In addition to the impact on the production of new items and use of crime-related products, unemployment has had an effect on labor market opportunities. The decrease in the number of occasions in the labor market has influenced increased crimes.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

There is a strategic advantage of unemployment, especially for young vertical integrated firms. Outsourcing in these firms saves the costs of integrating that are associated with vertical integration. Vertical integration involves shouldering of risks by the vertically integrated firm where these risks range from different strategic operations of the firm. Outsourcing is an advantage in these scenarios because it typically carries risks and a much lower initial investment cost. One position is that outsourcing enables the vertically integrated firms to take advantage of the supplier’s lower factor costs thereby use the power of market forces to improve quality by driving costs down. Another advantage is that the firm can perform its activities effectively because its resources are now focused on sets of operations or competencies that are narrow.

Another impact of unemployment on crimes is the increased relative returns to activities that are illegal. This is because of the increased desperation associated with unemployment making them result in other activities that will bring about the needed income. Moreover, the unemployed workers tend to have less to lose in the event of incarceration or arrest thus making the crime rates to increase. Therefore, unemployment remains an essential determinant of the criminal offenders’ supply and the overall crime rate. The making of money through illegal activities such as drug dealing as a result of unemployment has become an increasing trend.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

When people have a source of income that is legal, less criminal activities are committed. However, when people are unemployed, more criminal activities are undertaken. Unemployment is at times caused by recession whereby many people are laid off and wait for a long time to be recalled. When the recession takes longer, there is an increase in the number of unemployed people, and therefore, many people result from engaging in criminal activities. The people staying out of employment for a long time see crime as a last resort. Unemployed also has an impact on crimes that include rape and murder (Ammerm¸ller, 2009). These crimes have been linked with increased rates of unemployment. Also, psychological problems such as drug and alcohol abuse have also been related to unemployment.

One of the common forms of unemployment is when persons are working at a prevailing wage rate but are not comfortable with their job. This makes the people despaired and hence turn to criminal activities; this is a significant impact of unemployment on crime. The desperation to cater for the same needs may trigger people’s desire to enter into crime.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

The Costs from Economic and Social Point of View

The costs of unemployment from an economic and social point of view include costs to the government, personnel costs, and costs to society. On personal costs, unemployment causes a loss of earnings. Long periods of unemployment can push households into poverty as employment is one of the biggest causes of poverty. There is also homelessness as caused by unemployment. Homelessness is a cost that has adverse effects on the part of the economy and even society. Less income can result in having no income at all to meet the housing costs. The rates of homelessness are exuberated by unemployment (Taylor, 2002). There is also the possible cost on the economy linked to harms prospects.

Loss of human capital is an economic cost resulting from unemployment. When people are unemployed, they tend to miss out on training for jobs. Job training is an essential component of labor and human skills. Unemployment rates of the people reduce these skills and thereby the labor productivity also reduces. When people are unemployed for long periods, they tend to miss out on the latest trends and practices; this does affect not only an individual but also the economy (Taylor, 2002). As a result of missing out on the recent trends in the job market, people become unemployable in the future which increases the number of unemployed people in the society.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

One of the standard economic costs of unemployment is increased government borrowing. Higher unemployment will cause a fall in the tax revenue of the economy as the people paying income tax are few. The spending on goods and services is also less hence a lower value-added tax. The government will also have to spend more on the related benefits of unemployment. The government does not only pay the gain related to unemployment but also the unemployed family will also be paid the housing benefit. This reduces the revenue in the economy while increasing the expenditure thereby having an adverse effect on the economy. On average, the cost of one unemployed individual is higher than the tax revenue that can be collected from them.

Lower GDP for the economy is another cost of unemployment on the economy of a country. High unemployment rates show that the economy is inefficient and is operating below the capacity. As a result of operating below the capacity, lower incomes and output is experienced (Layard, 2005). The unemployed people are unable to purchase goods and services as they do not have the purchasing power as they had before. The decreased purchasing power contributes to lower spending making money in circulation in the economy be possessed by a few individuals. A negative multiplier effect is also caused by a high level of unemployment in any economy.

Unemployment brings about two certain costs which are: political instability and an increase in social problems. Areas where high unemployment exists, especially youth unemployment, tend to have more vandalism and crime (Raphael, 2001). It can lead to alienation and difficulties when integrating the unemployed young people in society. Political instability is also another cost that comes with unemployment. Periods of mass unemployment tend to lead to social unrests and even raising the political temperatures in the country. An example is in Germany where the high unemployment rate contributed to the rise in the Nazi party and also Hitler. The political instability also affects other economic areas leading to additional incurred costs.

Impact of Unemployment on Families Essay Paper

Social and economic costs do not provide a personal approach that comes close to that of an in-house party. There are also some other unanticipated costs. There is always the potential of hidden costs when there is another party or individual performing the tasks, or the individual is unemployed. Also, there are integration difficulties. Once the economy has been fully integrated, there is a problem of integration where plenty of financial backing will be required for the two parties: unemployed and employed during the process of transition.

Family Problem Case Study Paper

Family Problem Case Study
Family Problem Case Study

Family Problem Case Study

With the case study, imagine you are a child protection worker assigned to this case; your assignment is to complete a comprehensive family assessment and formulate an intervention plan for this case. Your plan should address:
a) An assessment of what is occurring in this family (include strengths and needs)
b) An assessment of risk to each of the children involved
c) An immediate safety plan and a longer-term risk reduction plan (along with potential risks and benefits of these plans)
d) Identification of the social issues and dominant attitudes that may be causing or compounding this family’s troubles, and the ways you will address and avoid replicating these

The family
• Mom-Bridget (29) High school graduate, works part time as a server.
• Dad-John (31) Did not graduate high school. He works in construction but has been out of work for 2 months.
• Son-Jayden (12) has been diagnosed with ADHD, enjoys playing basketball and video games.
• Daughter-Erin (10) difficulty dealing with separation, especially from mom. Enjoys spending time at the park or at home drawing and painting.
MCFD has been involved with the family previously approximately one year ago for a few months. A support file was open to assist the family with daycare subsidy while the parents were working, the file was then closed. No protection concerns were noted at that time. Currently, MCFD has received a report from Jayden & Erin’s school around suspected abuse. Jayden’s teacher observed him come to class with a black eye and bruising on his left arm. The teacher reports that Jayden missed the first 2 days of school this week and returned on Wednesday when he noticed the bruising. Erin’s teacher has noted that she observes her to have significant difficulty with transitions during the day and is prone to “outbursts” when mom drops her off at school in the morning. Over the past month, she has become increasingly aggressive in class and recently pushed one of the children out of their chair and onto the floor. Erin reportedly has been withdrawing, doesn’t speak much and is often observed sitting alone with her head down. The teacher reports that Erin has performed well academically but has noticed a recent decline in the effort she puts into her work.
John was involved with MCFD when he was a child. He reports that he was in care for about a year and at that time lived with a close relative until he returned to live with his mom. John has a history of criminal activity since his teens. He has been previously arrested for theft and assault. There is also a history of domestic violence in the family. Not much is known about Bridget, there is no previous MCFD history and she is from Ontario. From the previous involvement with MCFD for support services, it was noted that Bridget enjoys spending time with her children. She also expressed interest in going back to school to do some kind of training but was unsure what she would do or how the family would manage this. Neither Bridget or John have family close by as they moved to Vancouver approximately 2 years ago with the hopes of John finding steady work. The family currently lives in a one bedroom apartment. Mom and dad report that they like the neighbourhood they live in as they feel it is safe, is close to school, has nice parks for the kids to play in and stores close by that they can walk rather than take public transit.

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Family Concepts Essay Assignment

Family Concepts
Family Concepts

Family Concepts

1. In the introduction page explain emotional triangles and emotional cutoff on page one.
2. Give a reason why you feel like some families deal with emotional struggles and emotional cutoff.
3. Give examples of how emotional triangles and emotional cutoff have and continue to affect family.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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Children in Families and Communities Guidebook

Children in Families and Communities Guidebook Children, Families, and Communities Guidebook: Community Resources

Children in Families and Communities Guidebook
Children in Families and Communities Guidebook

[CLO: 1]

This week, you will continue developing your Children, Families, and Communities Guidebook by completing the Community Resource section. This weekís required readings include Chapters 11 and 12 of our Gestwicki course text. Additionally, the recommended resources may be helpful in the development of your assignment.

Children in Families and Communities Guidebook

Effectively working with children and families often requires collaborating with organizations in the community that can assist in meeting the needs of the child, within the context of their family. This often extends beyond academic needs and can include support services that go beyond the programís or schoolís capabilities. In previous weeks, you have explained the importance of promoting community involvement. This week, you will identify resources that will help your program implement these potential partnerships. You might think of this as a community resource scavenger hunt!  For this section of your Guidebook, you will collect artifacts (resources, materials, and information) from potential community partners. As you prepare for this assignment, you may want to consider the following:

Children in Families and Communities Guidebook

What is your desired work environment (Daycare, Pre-k Program, Head Start etc.)?

The geographical location of your desired environment.

The demographics of the children, families, and communities with whom you will work.

Access (either physically or virtually) the community in which your desired work environment is located,

Collect artifacts (resources, materials, and information) that you can share with the children and families who need them.

Include a minimum of three resources.

Content Expectations:

Title page (Children, Families, and Communities Guidebook) must include:

Your name

The course number and title

Instructorís name

Month, day, and year of submission

At least one relevant image

Using the Ideas for Teachers: Creating Resource Files, located in Chapter 12 of the course text, as a guide:

Provide one artifact for each of your selected community agencies (pamphlets, referral information, etc.),

Explain the types of services or support each agency provides.

Children in Families and Communities Guidebook

Include a family and community involvement plan, explaining how you will get families and the community involved in your efforts.

List the internal and external stakeholders (key players).

Provide a rational for the inclusion of your stakeholders, including a description of how the children and families you work with can benefit from the talents and/or resources of the stakeholder.

Writing and Formatting Expectation

Compare Women Status in Palace Walk and Family Furnishings

Compare Women Status in Palace Walk and Family Furnishings Compare Women’s status in “Palace Walk” and “Family Furnishings”.

Compare Women Status in Palace Walk and Family Furnishings
Compare Women Status in Palace Walk and Family Furnishings

What are the burdens they carry, the constraints they face and their strategies of resistance?

Compare Women’s status in “Palace Walk” and “Family Furnishings“. What are the burdens they carry, the constraints they face and their strategies of resistance?

A “critical” and “argumentative” paper is to be written on the topic listed and examine one important aspect of the texts (literary stylistics, characterization, social or religious or historical or political contexts). The paper has to be from a comparative point of view, comparing and/or contrasting the two short stories.

At least 2 secondary academic sources (other than the short stories) is mandatory.

Double spaced, MLA 8 format (Times New Roman, font 12)

Length: 6-8 pages (1980-2640 words) number the pages

Will provide the 2 short stories.

Compare Women’s status in “Palace Walk” and “Family Furnishings”. What are the burdens they carry, the constraints they face and their strategies of resistance?

A “critical” and “argumentative” paper is to be written on the topic listed and examine one important aspect of the texts (literary stylistics, characterization, social or religious or historical or political contexts). The paper has to be from a comparative point of view, comparing and/or contrasting the two short stories.

At least 2 secondary academic sources (other than the short stories) is mandatory.

Double spaced, MLA 8 format (Times New Roman, font 12)

Length: 6-8 pages (1980-2640 words) number the pages

Will provide the 2 short stories.

What Stays in the Family Critical Analysis

What Stays in the Family Critical Analysis Write a critical analysis essay.

What Stays in the Family Critical Analysis
What Stays in the Family Critical Analysis

Your critique can explain how the essay works well and manipulates the reader.

What Stays in the Family Critical Analysis

This is a 1000-word essay. You are asked to look at techniques, structure, strategy in addition to the content and purpose of a work of fiction or non-fiction studied in class. Specific questions will be provided on Moodle. This essay also entails research outside the primary source. The essay must be typed in MLA format. The intensive care unit (ICU) family meeting is an important forum for discussion about the patient’s condition, prognosis, and care preferences; for listening to the family’s concerns; and for decision making about appropriate goals of treatment.

Family Educator Conference Plan FEC

Family Educator Conference Plan FEC http://community.fpg.unc.edu/sites/community.fpg.unc.edu/files/resources/Handout/CONNECT-Handout-4-2-v2.pdf

Family Educator Conference Plan FEC
Family Educator Conference Plan FEC

Family-Educator Conference Plan This assessment will have candidates to utilize the information gained from the community mapping and family involvement assessment to provide the child(ren) and family featured in the vignette with potential community resources. Candidates should keep in mind that this assessment is in preparation for the family-educator conference that will take place in EDU 284 (EC Practicum). Candidates will review the concepts featured in Connect Module 4 (Videos 4.1 through 4.7 and handouts 4.1 through 4.5). The videos (keep in mind they will feature other families) and Connect Module 4 Handouts 4.1-4.5  will assist you with preparing the Family-Educator Conference assignment. Candidates will complete handout 4.2 and prepare a detailed plan for a family-educator conference based on the family featured in the vignette with Aaron and his Dad) and the concepts discussed in Connect Module 4.  The plan should include the following components:

  • 2 goals that have been developed for each of the following areas:

O goals the educator may have for the child at school

O potential goals the family may have for the child at home and school

O 2 examples of feedback candidates can anticipate from families and the candidate response to the anticipated feedback. Responses should be reflective of the concepts discussed in the Connect module.

O Identify and discuss roadblocks that are present in the vignette and discuss the community resources that may assist this family.

O Identify and discuss other possible roadblocks that an educator may encounter when planning a family-educator conference.

? Include discussion on the effect these roadblocks may have on the conference and possible solutions to these roadblocks. Roadblocks should include issues related to cultural, linguistic, and ability diverseness such as families that may not want you in their home, families whose primary language is other than English, and families struggling with acceptance. Other roadblocks to consider include: transportation issues and employment


  • Video 4.1: The teacher’s viewpoint
  • Video 4.2: The family’s viewpoint
  • Video 4.3: Description of the family-professional partnership framework
  • Video 4.4: Starting a relationship
  • Video 4.5: Libby & Kim – Beginning the ground conversation
  • Video 4.6: Libby & Kim – Middle ground conversation
  • Video 4.7: Libby & Kim – Firm ground conversation


  • Handout 4.1: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Examples and Applications
  • Handout 4.2: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Observation Checklist

O Complete and submit this handout with your assignment

  • Handout 4.3: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Observation Checklist- Answer Key
  • Handout 4.4: Research Summary on Family-Centered Help-giving Practices
  • Handout 4.5: Policy Advisory: The Law Governing Family-Professional Partnerships

Assessment should include the following:

a brief discussion on how you used the completed  Connect Module 4 (Handouts 4.1-4.5) handouts to assist in developing the conference plan

  • complete and submit handout 4.2 with your assignment

conference agenda detailing the overall flow of the conference

conference plan which includes discussion on the following:

goals for the child,

handling of potential family feedback,

roadblocks, and

community resources that may assist the family

Guidance for developing this assessment: In preparation for completing this assessment candidates will:

Review the grading rubric

Review chapters 7, 6, 9 (Gestwiki);  5-6 (Derman-Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards); Cara’s Kit, NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

Review Connect Module 4

This assessment addresses the following content: Program Student Learning Outcomes: 2and 4 and NAYEC Standards: 2a, 4a, 6b, 6d, 6e

Introduction to Gerontology Assignment

 Introduction to Gerontology
      Introduction to Gerontology

Introduction to Gerontology

Depend on you

Psychology of Aging

Department of Family Studies and Gerontology
Research Paper Outline
FSGN 1101(2) Introduction to Gerontology
Value: 10%
Due: February 27, 2019 by 6pm

Students must submit a 2 page outline of their research papers via Moodle (4 page total with
title page and reference list page). The research question must be related to a topic discussed in
class. Students are encouraged to explore a topic of particular interest to them or to choose
one from the list below.

Students are encouraged to begin searching for resources on their topic to determine if there is
enough published information about the topic to write the paper and to begin to develop the
paper outline. Research topics are to be related to course content covered in Sections 6,
(psychology), 7 (healthcare), 8 (family life & social support), 9 (leisure, recreation & service).
If you’re not sure if you have developed an appropriate research question, email the instructor
your question at least one week BEFORE you submit your paper outline.
Some Suggested Research Topic Ideas
Psychology of Aging
• Resilience in older life
• Creativity and aging
• Rethinking dementia
• Implications of plasticity and cognitive reserve as we age
• New models of intelligence
• Aging with a developmental disability
• Implications of health care rationing
• New models for an aging population
Introduction to Gerontology FSGN 1101
• Person centred care
• Health promotion among seniors
• The promise of technology
• Pathologizing aging
Family Life & Social Support
• Ethno cultural differences in social support
• Baby boomer support for siblings: Cohort differences
• Filial obligation and social support
• Caring for older parents (or older spouses, nonrelatives)
• Caring for persons with dementia (differences, challenges, best practices)
• Combining work and eldercare – short and long-term consequences
• Maintaining family in long term care
Leisure, Recreation and Service
• Volunteering among older persons (gender differences, cultural differences, etc.)
• Changes in spiritual need as people age
• Spirituality and aging: different religious traditions
• Living a meaningful late life
• Aging and lifelong learning

Research Paper Outline Requirements
The outline should be 2 pages (300-500 words), plus separate title and reference pages (total 4
pages). Use the following format when completing your outline:
1. Title Page: Follow APA format.
2. Research Question: Write your research question. Strong questions are always specific and
targeted. The more specific you can be, the better the paper will be. You will build your paper
around this question.
3. Introductory paragraph – Describe in one paragraph (approx. 100-200 words) why this
question was chosen and why it is important to understand it. This is not an opinion piece or a
personal reflection. It is a research paper and your arguments must be supported. Please keep
that in mind here and as you write the paper.
4. Investigation Plan: Describe in one paragraph (approximately 100-200 words) the plan for
investigating this question using a gerontological perspective. What makes this study a
gerontology study (besides the topic)? To address this you will need to think about the theories
and methods that are used in gerontology, and how gerontology’s way of thinking about aging
Introduction to Gerontology FSGN 1101
may be different from other disciplines (such as biology, or psychology or English literature –
although there may be some points of connection between these disciplines). In addressing
these questions, consider what it is that makes gerontology as a field of study distinct.
5. Reference List: Include 3 references for published peer-reviewed academic research in APA
6. Grammar & Spelling: Proof read before submitting to ensure you have spelled all words
correctly and have used good grammar.
The outline is the plan for your research paper. You need to give each of the components of the
outline due consideration and you need to think about how each component relates to the
other. For example, do your references actually help you to address your question, or are they
just general references on the overarching topic of aging? Your grade will reflect how well the
different aspects of the outline fit together, and show your understanding of a gerontological

Introduction to Gerontology FSGN 1101
You must submit all written assignments to receive a final grade. You must submit a hardcopy and/or an
electronic version of your written assignment, which should be an example of an original, acceptable
piece of scholarly work and follow the minimum/maximum page range indicated in the assignment details. Your electronic file must have the following name “surname_initial_assignment name_date.”

Your written assignment must include the following information:
a cover page that states:
o your name
o course title/name/number
o your student I.D. #
o title of assignment
o Submission date of assignment
• Times New Roman font, 12 point font
• 1” margin, double-spaced
• paginated (numbered)
• APA format, 6th edition.
You are responsible for keeping a back-up copy of all your written work.
Please refer to the APA Manual or the Purdue OWL website for formatting details. Alternatively,
consult the MSVU Writing Centre for citation and writing support.
Research Paper Instructions: Assignment Checklist
Check off each step as you work through it, in order to ensure that all steps have been
completed correctly. If you have questions as you work through the steps, ask before/after

Choose a topic that we discussed in class that you are interested in from Sections 6-9 (see a
suggested list of topics in the outline assignment instructions document on Moodle but feel
free to choose something different). Start searching for resources on the topic to use to build
your paper and see if there is enough published information about the topic to write the
paper. Create a research question that can be answered through the published research in
the field. If you’re not sure if you have chosen an appropriate research question, email me
your question BEFORE you submit your paper outline.

Review your scholarly sources, reading each one and taking notes of the points you
want to use in your paper. Relying on too many direct quotations will also result in
grade deductions. Please include references to show where you get your information
from. To avoid plagiarism, it helps to take your notes in your own words, paraphrasing
the journal articles.

Complete and submit your the outline for your paper, including the reference list of your
sources. It will be the map for your paper. See the document on Moodle with specific
instructions for completing your paper outline (due February 27, 2019)

Get writing! Your paper should clearly state your research question, have a c
Introduction to Gerontology FSGN 1101
introduction, main body (with sub-topics) and a conclusion, all clearly marked by
headings. Common mistake: Remember that we do not introduce new topics or
ideas in the conclusion section of a paper.

Write and revise. Writing a research paper should not be a one-time process. Begin
early and come back to your work. It will be important to read through your paper to
gain a perspective on what you may have missed, or what you have repeated. It can
be helpful to read your paper out loud; it allows you to hear when sentences sound
awkward. Let a friend/fellow classmate/parent read your paper and give feedback.
Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Losing marks for grammar, typos and incorrect
formatting is completely avoidable.

Edit your work. Be sure that your entire assignment, including citations, is written in
American Psychological Association (APA) format. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an incredibly useful source for students new to APA. Be sure that your assignment abides by the formatting rules above.

Upload your assignment to Moodle. Your assignment will be graded.

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism
Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s words or ideas obtained from any source, including
the Internet, as though they were one’s own. Specific offences include, but are not limited
to, the following:
1. Using copied material without enclosing that material in quotation marks and/or
without appropriately acknowledging its source;
2. Paraphrasing or summarizing the original wording too closely;
3. Omitting acknowledgment of the source of paraphrases and summaries;
4. Submitting work that has been written in full or in part by someone else.
Mount Saint Vincent University Undergraduate Academic Calendar Section 2.2.16
ONE Outline for Writing a Research Paper
1) Introduction: Begin with a thesis statement. In one clear sentence state the focus of your paper.
a) Key points (have at least three, but no more than five)
i) state each main point that you’ll be making in the paper
ii) If appropriate give a rationale as to why this topic is important
2) Body: Outline the topic sentence and supporting research for each point you’ll be covering in the
paper, beginning with point #1 stated in the introduction. Use connecting ideas to link to the next
concept or characteristics
a) Point 1 – topic sentence i

Introduction to Gerontology FSGN 1101
i) Research concept
(1) Supporting idea(s)
(2) Connect to next concept
ii) Research concept
(1) Supporting idea(s)
(2) Connect to next concept
iii) Research concept
(1) Supporting idea(s)
(2) Connect to next topic idea
b) Point 2 – topic sentence idea
i) Research concept
(1) Supporting idea(s)
(2) Connect to next concept
ii) Research concept – continue format as outlined above
iii) Research concept – continue format as outlined above
c) Point 3 – topic sentence idea and continue format as outlined above
d) Point 4 – topic sentence idea and continue format as outlined above
e) Point 5 – topic sentence idea and continue format as outlined above
i) Research concept – continue format as outlined above
ii) Research concept – continue format as outlined above
iii) After last point is made and supported, create a transition to summary and conclusion
3) Summary paragraph: Create a key summary sentence that declares a wrap-up of concepts to
begin this paragraph.
a) Follow the summary sentence with clear sentences that summarize each of the main ideas
that have been discussed in the body of the paper.
i) Summary of point 1
ii) Summary of point 2
iii) Summary of point 3
iv) Summary of point 4
v) Summary of point 5
4) Conclusion: Transition to the ending of your paper and final thoughts in a paragraph.
5) Reference page: Present your references in alphabetical order by last name (see APA format
online and note examples from Reference section in back of textbook). Remember to cite all of
your references in the body of your text following a summary concept or quote and double check
to make sure you include all sources referenced in your Reference list.

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Teenager at risk Case Study Paper Available

Teenager at risk
                               Teenager at risk

Teenager at risk

Case Study Assignment
CS 3
Anayah Saleem
Anayah is 14 years old. She is Black British, born to Caribbean parents, Yusef and Shenaz. Yusef (father) and Shenaz (mother) converted from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Islam when Anayah was 11 years old. They have one other child, their son Karim who is 9 years old.
Until recently Anayah was a very outgoing and sociable girl who was excelling in her studies at school. In the last three months her teachers have noticed that she has become defiant and will not comply with what is asked of her. She has also had periods of non-attendance and they have noticed that her absence is always on a Thursday. As a result, her grades have fallen.
Her parents contacted the school as they were becoming concerned about her behaviour at home and wondered if she was mixing with what they called “bad company”. They were not aware that she had not been attending school on Thursdays. Anayah is refusing to dress modestly or to wear her hijab and spends much of her time on her laptop or phone. In a recent incident, Shenaz took Anayah’s phone from her which resulted in a big argument and when she swore at her mother, Yusef slapped Anayah across her face. Anayah went missing last Friday. The police located her at a known flat that is used to buy and sell drugs and returned her home the next day. Anayah admitted to being in love with a 30 year old man, Ben and said that she wanted to be with him as he loved her but she refused to give any details about him. She shared with her family support worker that she has been sexually active with Ben and wants to have a baby for him.

Professionals who might be involved

Police Social Worker
Teacher Family Support Worker
Sexual Health worker

My chosen profession Teacher.
Please read above case from them write as a profession Teacher, 375 words short essay.

Short essay: role as a teacher, care plan, Why you do this care plan, using legislation and theories. I attached theories in additional files. Which should include theories and laws for how you plan to help safeguard this teenager who seems to be going missing. Also Google job if family liason officer. It could be that part of your plan is to speak with the liason officer to see how the school can support you as a teacher as well as the teenager (student).

Using this case study, as a group you will decide what the best range of professionals to work together to put a care plan in place will be. Each group member will take on the role of one professional. Individually research the roles and the associated, frameworks, guidelines, legislation, policies and procedures that your allocated professional should work with.
As a group work together to discuss the case study and what  care package you would put together for the service user  making consideration of the service users needs and  identifying the intended outcomes.

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